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TIKTOK, C'mere, i need a snog :)

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Olihan Fri 24-Aug-07 19:40:31

I don't actually. I want to pick your brains about the NCT bfc training. I really want to do it but I'm wondering about the time commitments during and after training.

I've got 3 dcs under 4 and ds1 doesn't go to school until Sept08 so they're all about all day. Is it possible to do all the studying, etc just in the evenings or will it take more than that?

I know the commitment after training is to the phone lines and possibly some AN classes but how easily does it fit into having a young family? By the time I've trained I should only have ds2 at home full time, would that make it more manageable?

Any advice or tips on the training process would be great. I'm really just weighing up whether to start asap or leave it until the dcs are all at school.

tiktok Fri 24-Aug-07 22:01:26

Best to get in touch with UK office, Oli, and ask for the pack that gives you all the info....0870 444 8707 on Monday

Olihan Fri 24-Aug-07 22:46:45

Thank you, I've emailed off for all the gumf but was really just wondering about the actual RL practicalities. Understand if you'd rather not discuss it on here though smile.

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