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my LO has been vomiting/possetting through nose

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bumbly Thu 23-Aug-07 18:19:15 well as mouth

could he be damaging his airways??

very worried! twice in a row today

milk going in his lungs???

CorrieDale Thu 23-Aug-07 18:25:11

Milk won't be in his lungs and he's unlikely to damage any airways. It isn't fun for them (or us, to watch!) but not harmful.

Jacanne Thu 23-Aug-07 18:26:10

My DD2 vomited through her nose a few times when she was a very small baby, very forcefully and it seemed to do her no harm. I found out that I had a very fast let-down and she couldn't cope so had to do a few things to address it.

I would have thought he would be fine - tbh I never thought to worry about that (though I probably would have done if I had, ifyswim).

ib Thu 23-Aug-07 19:04:48

Hmm, sorry to be a nay-sayer but reflux can cause respiratory problems. However posseting through the nose doesn't necessarily mean that he's aspiring it.

If he does seem to develop a cough or have trouble breathing I would definitely get him checked.

Ceebee74 Thu 23-Aug-07 19:18:07

Bumbly - feel like I am stalking you but just thought I would let you know that DS frequently vomited through his nose before his ps diagnosis - scary to watch but I don't think it does any harm - 12 months later, he doesn't seem to have any problems.

LIZS Thu 23-Aug-07 19:30:01

Sometimes they do that , especially if they sneeze mid feed or burp when full. It can indicate reflux or a more serious condition but no he won't be damaging himself per se. If it persists or he has other symptoms such as a being unwell , wheezing or rasping breathing drawing in under the ribs then do see a dr. In the meantime keep him upright after a feed and wait a while before lying him down to nap or to change his nappy.

bumbly Thu 23-Aug-07 21:57:24

no stalkers here - just mums that give good sounmd advice


yes been keeping him upright but then eg he vomited in car 40min-1hr after feed

bumbly Thu 23-Aug-07 21:58:02

ps if it is refulx - i was unde rimpression it gets better and resolves by itself anyway

or am i wrong?

LIZS Thu 23-Aug-07 22:10:29

Reflux does usually resolve itself normally but it can take a long time , which seems interminable as you go through it. Maybe he was just having a sicky day or few days, if you have n't noted such problems before. If it is severe and it is upsetting him, you can get starch based thickeners to add to milk, thicker formulas or Infant Gaviscon, but you should get a diagnosis from gp/paediatrician first. Do I recall right that you have changed formula , perhaps this one does n't suit him as well as the last ?

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