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which formula do you use and why?

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bumbly Thu 23-Aug-07 13:49:21

C&G? aptamil? farleys? sma? hipp?

did you change formula at any point? why? what happened?


TheQueenOfQuotes Thu 23-Aug-07 13:55:13

Use SMA with DS3 - also used it was DS2.

With DS2 DH rushed out at 2am one murky November morning to buy some (BF'ing just wasn't happening and despite perserveering with DS1 when things didn't go right I'd had enough and wanted some formula NOW) and it was the first one he grabbed off the shelf. We switched him over to SMA White after a few weeks as he was a hungry baby (certianly seemed to make a difference).

DS3 started off fully BF, but at 3 weeks we had a crisis and he ended up having some formula - now happily giving him a morning BF and FF the rest of the time. Naturally just went for the SMA Gold again (we'd used it before so figured we may as well use that one).

A week or so later DS3 seemed to be extremely windy (both ends ) so after doing lots of reading and "research" here on MN tried him on Aptimil..........for all of 24hrs - biggest mistake I've made with any of my DS's yet - he didn't really like it (only drank it when he was at the point of hysteria through hunger) and it turned him into a miserable little thing. Switched back to the SMA Gold and he was back to normal within a very short space of time. He was feeding VERY regularly though so we decided to try the White - it's improved a bit ......we now "only" have feeds every 2-2 1/2hrs LOL.

gingerjelly Thu 23-Aug-07 14:44:21

I use Aptamil (it was recommended by a friend) with no real problems. The real bonus for me is that you can get ready made cartons. (I am sure you also can get cartons in other formula varieties)
They are great when you are on the move and also for the 'middle of the night' feed.
Top tip : if you put the carton of formula in bed with you, by the time you need to feed it has warmed to body temperature. Pour into ready sterilised bottle and there you go! No need to venture down to the kitchen to boil kettles etc.

bonitaMia Thu 23-Aug-07 15:04:41

I used sma gold first and then moved to Aptamil. Reason: we were on holiday in Spain and they had no sma, so had to try Aptamil. When we came back to the Uk, I carried on with Aptamil. DD was happy with both.

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