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Aptamil Pepti - can it be causing a cough?

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AlexandriaFlynn Thu 05-Dec-19 04:02:40

Hi all,

My son has just been put on aptamil pepti for suspected cma. From his first bottle of it he started coughing and choking - I assumed that this was because the formula is thinner and was going down quicker and that he'd get used to it. We are now 2.5 days in and he has quite a bad cough and is very congested and noisy when he breathes. He coughs even when not feeding. I don't know if this is pure coincidence and that he's just caught a cough or if it's the formula causing it. Any advice please? He is 4 weeks old. My other son also had cma and Neocate was only formula that agreed with him.


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