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Anti Reflux Milk Teat Size

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Mizydoscape Tue 03-Dec-19 11:31:17

Hello! Baby is 4 months today and bottle fed from 4 weeks old. Always been very sicky. She would spit up after every feed sometimes up to 2/3 hours later. Mostly happy but recently got really screamy when laid down. Tried all the usual keep upright for half an hour, don't jiggle after feed, prop up cot etc but still a nightmare. Screaming, and soaking through outfits and bibs non stop.

Spoke to the HV yesterday about trying anti reflux milk as a start and so bought some today. Get home, first bottle great. No spit up at all, smiles and coos after, happy to lie down after etc except it took about 40 mins to eat 5 oz when usually she'll do 6/7 in about 15 mins. Size 2 teat on mam bottles. I guess because the milk is thick it keeps clogging the teat.

So my question is which teat would you recommend for anti reflux milk: size 3 or cross cut? I don't want to drown the poor girl but don't want her losing weight by not eating so well.

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