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how much would it cost to feed a baby on the ready to feed formula for 6 months

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kittenbaby Tue 21-Aug-07 21:40:21

how much would it cost on the ready to feed formula for six months just outta intrest xx

compo Tue 21-Aug-07 21:41:26

from 0-6 or from 6-12 months?

snowwonder Tue 21-Aug-07 21:42:11

prob one big carton a day
£2.00 a day....? x 30 x 6 = ?

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 21-Aug-07 21:42:16

I dread to think - it's bad enough using 1 1/2 tins of the powder (at £6.40 a go) a week - and that ready to feed stuff it a lot more!

kittenbaby Tue 21-Aug-07 21:42:18

well both really x

compo Tue 21-Aug-07 21:42:37

and what do you mean ready to feed formula? do you mean the cartons of ready made formula you can get?

Twinklemegan Tue 21-Aug-07 21:42:40

A quick guesstimate. Average 1000mls a day over the six months = 5 200ml cartons. Around 50p each. 180 days. Around £500?

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 21-Aug-07 21:42:44

how many oz's in a big carton????

UCM Tue 21-Aug-07 21:43:00

41 - 56p a carton, 7/8 oz a carton. You can store it for 24 hours. Depends how much the baby drinks I suppose.

compo Tue 21-Aug-07 21:43:18

it's not that much hassle to make it up

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 21-Aug-07 21:43:32

what's 1000mls in oz's???

kittenbaby Tue 21-Aug-07 21:43:33

snow you calcs would be 360 quid

kittenbaby Tue 21-Aug-07 21:44:24


Twinklemegan Tue 21-Aug-07 21:44:39

33oz QOQ. That's including loads of wastage in the early days of course.

snowwonder Tue 21-Aug-07 21:45:53


a poorly coughing dd age 4 asleep on me, coulnt get to my other hand to calculate on my fingers!!!!

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 21-Aug-07 21:46:14

ooo - DS3 drinks more than that in a day!!! Probably closer to 40oz!

compo Tue 21-Aug-07 21:46:53

have you got a dh/dp?
get them to make up the formula.

Twinklemegan Tue 21-Aug-07 21:49:19

Ah, but I'm thinking average over 6 months. Does that work? Maybe not. DS was mix fed for 4 months so I don't know exactly how much he got.

macneil Tue 21-Aug-07 21:51:21

I worked out that the cartons cost exactly twice as much as the powder. So that's how much you're saving by mixing it - half, uh, whatever that is.

divastrop Tue 21-Aug-07 21:56:38

my 5 month old drinks 32-35 oz a day.i wouldnt like to think how many bottles i made up thinking she was hungry in the early weeks and ended up pouring down the sink.

my ds2 was on at least 40 oz a day,by the time he was 4 months i was going through 1.5-2 tins of milk a week.

dd3 wont drink doesnt taste very nice.i mean,neither does the powdered stuff but carton stuff is rank IMO.

Twinklemegan Tue 21-Aug-07 21:57:48

I agree. And don't you think the carton stuff has a strange bluish tinge to it? God knows what they put in it. It was used for emergencies only here.

kittenbaby Tue 21-Aug-07 21:59:03

good point diva you also have to factor in the stuff that get chucked away too

Miaou Tue 21-Aug-07 21:59:05

Golly, that is expensive isn't it? Makes me appreciate why they give you so much more child tax credit in the first year - add to that keeping a baby in disposables for a year and they become very expensive habits!

Bouquetsofdynomite Tue 21-Aug-07 22:00:00

Pretty sure you're going to need to switch to cloth nappies to compensate on the cost though.

Miaou Tue 21-Aug-07 22:01:35

Bouquets, I b/f and ds2 is wearing ds1's washable nappies (and wearing his outgrown clothes) so, so far, this baby has cost me nada

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