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PLEASE HELP- bf for 10 weeks but am sooo stressed

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needaplan Sun 19-Aug-07 19:05:20

I am bf dd2 aged 10 weeks and had so much support on here at the beginning as I found it v. tough to get going. After the first 10 days all was going pretty well and last week, I even managed to wean her off nipple shells which was v easy once I was brave enough to try.

BUT really don't know what's happened in last few days. DD isn't feeding properly at all with or without shields. She only does proper sucking for a few secs at a time and stays latched on but not drinking for ages. This started a couple of feeds before her first jab so I think it's unrelated. I am now incredibly stressed, I feel wretched. It seems to take ages for letdown to occur and feel like I've forgotten how to bf or something. I am sure my stress isn't preventing letdown as I only started feeling this way yesterday and we do still manage one decent feed a day. Sometimes I can feel the letdown starting and then she gives up (definitely not because she can't handle it as she is 10 wks old). Unfortunately I have baby scales and dd has stayed ata static weight for a week nearly. I have to say she seems perfectly happy and I have offered a bottle several times in the last few days and she isn't interested. She will normally take a bottle of ebm fine. I'm getting a bit desperate and just wandered if this had happened to anyone else with a baby this young (I know it's a bit more normal with an older baby). Sorry if this is rambling and thanks for reading.

crayon Sun 19-Aug-07 19:24:16

It hasn't happened to me, but I would throw away the scales if it was me. If she is your second could you rely on your instincts? if she is content I guess she is unlikely to be hungry.

I think you can still be letting milk out without feeling let down each time; I only feel it sometimes.

If your milk is low, maybe it is her way of providing nipple stimulation needed to produce more milk. My milk has dried up at the moment (which is why I am on this forum) and though I have little there, DS is staying latched on and just sort of nibbling away, which is something he would never normally do.

Maybe try and speak to a breastfeeding counsellor?

octoandflash Sun 19-Aug-07 19:29:09

Ditch the scales.

Your dd is the best equipped to get the milk out - and she will take what she needs. My ds faffs about alot from time to time - he is 17 weeks. We gave up bf last week as was stressed out and then started again and now have my supply back. So would say putting her to the breast when she is calm and you are calm is probably best to increase milk supply, spending time skin to skin etc is best.

You do need to speak to a bf person who can help you - do you have a breastfeeding support group where you live?

needaplan Sun 19-Aug-07 19:47:26

Thanks for the replies and yes I really should ditch the scales. I should have said that there is absolutely no issue with my milk supply- that is part of my frustration because dd is leaving me with pretty full boobs a lot of the time these past few days. I am very tempted to just express to relieve some of the frustration I'm feeling- that probably sounds very strange!! It is just a bit weird what she is doing. I think I'm caring about it a bit too much but I'm used to her feeding a little more efficiently.

crayon Sun 19-Aug-07 19:52:29

She's probably had a growth spurt that has now finished.

Also, I find reading a good book or watching TV aids my letdown when stressed as it takes my mind off things. That plus a large glass of wine.

octoandflash Sun 19-Aug-07 20:01:35

It is very stressful when you want them to feed properly and they don't - I completely understand.

callmeovercautious Sun 19-Aug-07 20:12:32

Several ideas:

- I stopped feeling my letdown at around this age.
- She may have just got the hang of it a be a bit more efficient.
- Agree with the growth spurt ending theory.
- May be teething already, DD teethed for ages before she got a tooth. It really does put them off for a few days.
- Express any spare for the freezer, you can go out for a few hours shopping or something and leave lo with DH/DM/MIL etc and have some you time - after 10 weeks you deserve it!

If you are worried go to the GP and get her checked over.


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