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10 month old stopped eating

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Bb9876 Wed 13-Nov-19 13:39:29

Can anyone give me hope that my 10 month old will get his appetite back as I'm worried and stressed out at the moment. He's hardly eaten any solids for the last 2 weeks and was starting to show some fussy behaviour in the couple of weeks before that. I'm struggling to get 300-400ml of milk in him as he is often refusing the bottle as well. He's well at the moment and no sign of any teeth coming. Every mealtime is a battle. Since weaning he's been a brilliant eater until now. Anyone been through similar and come out the other side? How long should I accept this as a phase before getting more concerned?

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Maltay Wed 13-Nov-19 20:04:07

My DD has only really started eating a significant amount past 2 weeks and she is 13mo old, I think it's quote normal. Not sure about the mill though, might be worth a HV appointment to make sure he's still on his centile? X

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