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website with helpful info re: formula and bottlefeeding (and breastmilk too)

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captainahab Sat 18-Aug-07 13:10:37

I wanted to share a link to this website that I just saw as it offers information/ advice/tips on bottlefeeding and formula -- something that I was never able to find back in the days that I was bottle-feeding my baby (not very long ago!) and I believe is still hard to find.

The website is written by a well-known (should I say well-publicized?) US doctor. As you'll see he's very pro-breastfeeding and details the benefits of breastmilk and the disadvantages of formulas. However he also explains what's in different formulas (and what's not) and the relative merits. Even though it discusses US formulas I thought people still might find the info helpful when deciding what UK formula to use.

There are also general bottlefeeding tips.

I think when you first get on the site it might ask you to "join" but you don't have to in order to read it.

Anyway, hope some of you find this useful.

tiktok Sat 18-Aug-07 14:28:18

That's a really good source of info, captain....very useful and honest. We could do with something similar in the UK, as none of the three brands of formula he discusses are available here - but the intro, as you say, gives some excellent general points.

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