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bottle feeding a reluctant baby

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tassomummy Fri 17-Aug-07 19:39:16

Our second daughter is 11 weeks old and I return to work in 2 weeks time. We started bottle feeding her with expressed milk once a day when she was 4 weeks old and all went well although she would never go back on to the bottle if she came off during a feed. Three weeks ago she suddenly started to refuse the bottle completely and now screams, splutters and chokes if the teat comes into her mouth. We have tried Avent, Tommie Tippee and NUK teats. Today I had to be in work and missed 2 feeds. We thought she would accept the bottle at the second one as she would be so hungry but just screamed again and went v pale.
Any suggestions?

BlueberryPancake Fri 17-Aug-07 20:51:16

One trick I read about is to warm up the nipple of the bottle by leaving it in hot water for a minute. It makes it more flexible.

I had a similar problem with DS1 although he was older and he took the Tommie Tipee bottles in the end. With DS2, I am now mix feeding and he is very comfortable with the Playtex (drop in) system, which is not very popular here but very common where I'm from (Canada). Basically you have a bottle in which you drop and fit a pre-sterilised bag, you fill it up and fit on the teet. They have latex or silicone teets which are very flexible and soft. They have a UK website where you can check how it works, and a few UK websites are distributing the product. for info, and I bought the stuff from .

choufleur Sat 18-Aug-07 20:56:14

have you tried haberman bottles? they are only available online as far as i know. (if you google it you'll get loads of sites). They are the bottles recommended by the baby whisperer. they have a valve in them so tha baby only gets milk when it sucks, rather than normal bottles dripping milk out. They also have a slit in them rather than holes so you can regulate the flow of milk.

i used them successfully with my ds until he was about 6 months then switched to 'normal bottles'.

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