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Help! Question about cross baby and teat size.

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marchbunny Fri 17-Aug-07 12:25:19

Just wondered if anyone can shed some light as to why my baby is so cross! Am mix feeding my little boy he is six weeks on Saturday.

He has started to get really cross while bottle feeding and only seems to take a couple of ozs before giving up, and screaming a lot - do you think I need to move on to the next flow of teat? When I breastfeed, I have quite a powerful let down reflex and the milk comes quite fast.

What do you all think? Thanks very much.

Beauregard Fri 17-Aug-07 12:26:30

Yep sounds as though he needs a faster teat so is getting frustrated.

Mumpbump Fri 17-Aug-07 12:28:27

What size teat are you using? I started with a size three and ds gagged on it. Someone told me they'd heard you should use size two if your baby is bf and so I used that instead and he was much better. I also had a very strong let down reflex so had assumed it wouldn't be a problem.

marchbunny Fri 17-Aug-07 12:42:41

THank you for your quick responses. I am using the slowest teat, so your thinkiug is probably correct. He only seems to manage the whole bottle without fussing if he has had a decent sleep which does not seem to happen very often. So wondered if he was struggling because he was also too tired? God you could analyse all day!

Honestly, you would not believe this is my third! Will have to take a trip to tescos and buy some faster teats.

He really is keeping me guessing - never seems to settle very well.

MyMILisDoloresUmbridge Fri 17-Aug-07 13:12:17

marchbunny, I think the teat size was possibly one reason why my bf ds3 started to refuse bottles. (I also suspect that MIL may have put him off by doing this "force-feeding" thing I have seen her do with his cousin.) I had kept him to the slowest teat so he wouldn't prefer bottle to breast but it worked far too well, unfortunately!

christywhisty Fri 17-Aug-07 14:02:26

My DS was on the fastest teat from about 2 weeks. I had a dreadful cold when she was born and I breastfed her for 2 weeks, and was still losing weight as she was not interested in feeding. She also got my cold and was all blocked up. Hv suggested faster teat and she was much happier. I think feeding actually bored her and it was something to be got over an done with asap. She is still like that now at 9.

marchbunny Fri 17-Aug-07 15:09:10

Well, I have got the medium teats from Tescos and will try them at next feed after sterilising. Little man has just had a breastfeed and is ok, but not really settled.

He is a very hungry boy and has put on lots of weight so far, I think he may just want to feel satisfied very quickly and is not happy until has tummy feels full!

Will update you after the next feed, fingers crossed this works. Otherwise, next plan will to try a different brand of formula.

Have never mixed-fed before from this early on before and it is a guessing game. Thanks for your responses. x

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