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Rhubarb Thu 16-Aug-07 09:38:14

If this has been done before. But thought all you pro-breastfeeders would be interested in this sent to me by a colleague.

Rhubarb Thu 16-Aug-07 09:45:42

Fine, ignore me then! I knew I should have titled the thread "breastfeeding proved to be dangerous for babies" or something controversial like that!

flowerybeanbag Thu 16-Aug-07 09:48:04

Always go for the controversial title, you know it makes sense!

pucca Thu 16-Aug-07 09:48:44

That just makes me feel crap for formula feeding

Piffle Thu 16-Aug-07 09:49:04

lol rhuby

I have done this already, nice little plain english film

flowerybeanbag Thu 16-Aug-07 09:50:07

pucca I thought it might so I didn't look at it..

Piffle Thu 16-Aug-07 09:50:15

pucca no one is blaming or judging mothers feeding choices, it is purely aimed at the marketeers who exploit mothers at their most vulnerable time, when proper support could make the difference.

Theclosetpagan Thu 16-Aug-07 09:53:05

I formula fed too but refuse to feel crap for doing so.
I am still very anti the baby milk companies though as we have the lowest BF rates in Europe. I've seen this animation before and think it makes the points well.

However, I will say yet again that unless banning of advertising is accompanied by a real investment in training and education of breastfeeding supporters (BF counsellors, midwives, HVs, GPs etc etc) to help women struggling with feeding then it will be a complete waste of time.

Rhubarb Thu 16-Aug-07 09:54:24

I breastfed and formula fed. I'm objecting to the marketing of formula and misleading mothers. It's nothing to do with the breast vs bottle debate that so far I've managed to avoid in my 6 years on Mumsnet. It just doesn't interest me at all how others feed their brats. But get me going on misleading marketing and..............well I go all rebel-like!

tiktok Thu 16-Aug-07 10:40:22

Rhubarb, I'd say the film is of interest to everyone, not just 'pro-breastfeeders'.

This is from the tag-line:

"Parents need reliable information based on evidence, not commercial pressure from baby milk companies."

How can anyone disagree with that?

pucca - the issue is not a comment on what you do with your baby. It's do with information, and formula feeders don't get the information they need to select their formula. How can mothers make a real 'choice' among brands and types of formula at the moment? Do you protect your baby's immune system, or his brain development, for instance? Or do you go for one that's been around for decades, or one with novel ingredients?

NadineBaggott Thu 16-Aug-07 10:45:08

Jack better be careful, his mother has very dangerous hands, I hope her boobs aren't that sharp!

TheOldestCat Thu 16-Aug-07 12:41:12

Nice one, Rhubarb. Tis good, although am I the only one that keeps expecting Mariella Frostrup to start talking about tax credits??

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