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soundsystem Wed 23-Oct-19 18:39:08

Has anyone got a GP to prescribe domperidone to increase supply? If so, did you take any info with you to help your case?

My DD is almost 5 weeks old and still hadn't regained her birthweight. In fact, she hasn't put on any weight at all.

I've seen various lactation consultants/breastfeeding peer supporters, etc,for advice on attachment and positioning and all agree that this is good. Baby has plenty of wet and dirty nappies, and is alert and happy. She just isn't gaining weight!

I'm pumping and giving her the expressed milk as well, but don't seem able to express much.

The midwives are pushing me to top up with formula and I'm beginning to feel like I don't have many other options...

I've already tried herbal supplements to boost supply which has helped a bit...

Thought I'd see my GP tomorrow to see if they'll prescribe something but expect they will be fairly dismissive and advise switching to formula instead...

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Imicola Wed 23-Oct-19 19:33:52

Yes, I took it. Lucky for me another patient had requested it and took in lots of information on it shortly before I went in to ask for it. It worked, although I ended up with a breast abscess (not sure if they were related, but it probably didn't help matters that my supply increased). Twas the end of expressing for me, baby never latched so we went to formula which I never regretted.

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