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13 months old, biting and distracted - what to do?

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OldieMum Wed 15-Aug-07 22:42:17

DS has been exclusively breast-fed. I have been delighted about this. I'm 45 and I struggled with DD four years ago. She was exclusively bottle-fed from four months. I had been hoping to keep Bf-ing him until he was 2, in line with WHO guidelines. However, while he feeds in a serious and concentrated way first thing in the morning, the picture is quite different later in the day. I feed him when he gets back from nursery (about 4pm, and more like 2.30 on non-nursery days) and again at bedtime. In the last couple of weeks, these feeds have become more and more desultory. He bites my nipples, giggles a lot and loses interest within half a minute on either breast. Is there anything I can do to make him more likely to concentrate? If not, should I just drop these two feeds? If I do, will one feed a day be enough to maintain my supply?

determination Thu 16-Aug-07 08:24:56

Have you tried a Nursing Necklace they are great for keeping them interested during feeds - however, you may find that he wants to feed for longer

one feed per day would be ennough for keeping enough milk there - you will just make what you need.

Well done for carrying on this long

OldieMum Thu 16-Aug-07 18:50:26


bojangles Thu 16-Aug-07 22:04:24

Hi OM - well done for feeding for so long. I am still feeding my DS (14 months)too. DS has been messing around feeding from me too -his favourite is getting a really big mouthful of breast and then blowing a very large raspberry followed by lots of giggles, he also flicks my nipple with is fingers and teases me pretending to bite - I generally presume that he doesn't want to feed at these times and put them away - if he wants milk he will come back for it.

I have found that times and frequency of feeds has varied quite a lot over the last few months from one feed to over 5 but generally he feeds before bed and during night but doesn't for breakfast.

determination Fri 17-Aug-07 20:42:41

lol, i forgot how funny bfing can get - although it is really frustating and annoying.. this made me laugh

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