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watery poo - jabs or formula?

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newy Wed 15-Aug-07 19:47:17

My 4 month old had 3rd lot of jabs yesterday. I also changed his formula from sma to amptamil as read on here it was better. Today he has had a couple of incidences of watery poo. He has no temperature and seemed a little better after the poos but still a little bad tempered.
Any advice?

donnie Wed 15-Aug-07 19:50:07

tough call - both of these things could be responsible! the main thing is he feels ok. Changes in formula are often the cause of a tummy upset. It will most likely settle ssoon.

lazyemma Wed 15-Aug-07 20:50:11

hm - tough call. I changed from sma to aptamil at 2 weeks and B didn't get watery poo, but it did get a lot runnier - had been quite firm, formed stools on sma, now her poo is the consistency of - eh - single cream, I guess. Nice!

But B does get the squits after jabs, so going by my experience it's that. Which isn't to say it's the same for your bubba.

Either way, as donnie says, it should settle soon.

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