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Fussy eater at 11 months

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Chester1980 Fri 18-Oct-19 14:47:55


I’m struggling to get my son to eat anything apart from certain fruits, Greek yoghurt....occasionally Cheerios, and occasionally the odd bit of bread. Plus the odd pea!

I did a mix of baby led weaning and purées. I introduced veggies to start. I always give him something he likes with everything, along with something new, and continually serve things a number of times because I know it can take a while for a wee one to try something. I find that one day he might like something and then he won’t eat it again. He won’t eat things mixed together if our in print of him, so I separate them out. He will sometimes have a little spoon fed...and I mean, just a little. And as much as I wanted to avoid it, I now think he finds sitting in his high chair annoying, as he tries to get out after a short time.

He breastfeeds a lot, and all through the night (I am not going to sleep train or try and wean him off it).

I feel like such a failure with this. Especially when I see all my mum friends with babies who eat so well.

He’s growing fine. He’s on the 99th centile for length, and was around 95 for Wright last time it was measured.

Any tips?

Chester1980 Fri 18-Oct-19 14:49:46

Really sorry. Just realised I posted this in the wrong group!!

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