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Change in frequency (nighttime). Though not yet ready for weaning?

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scaredypuss Wed 15-Aug-07 10:17:07

Hello, I've been a member for a while, but haven't posted before, as have always found useful answers to most of my questions already. But now I'm in a bit of a mess with some conflicting information, plus my little one has changed feeding habits, so I could really do with some advice.
My little one is exclusively b/f and has just turned 6 months. So we've been letting her 'taste' fruit purees and avocado (after her milk) to see whether she's interested in having anything else. Whilst she hasn't refused or spat out anything yet, she is basically sucking the spoon (like a teat) and therefore the food, rather than attempting to chew. In the meantime, she's starting waking in the night very frequently for feeds (every 1.5 hours) and as I'm due back to work (full time) on 3rd Sept., I'm worried that I won't be able to cope. She's also slowed down on poo production - a sticky teaspoonful instead of a mug's worth!
Should I be thinking about starting weaning, or just let her carry on tasting things for now? The info. I've received from the h/v differs from the b/f counsellor's - i.e. h/v has advised gradual phasing in of daily meals and b/f afterwards, whereas the counsellor had said b/f first, then give tastes of food afterwards. Which is best at the mo.? And should I be giving her something more substantial at night? So I can (selfishly) get more sleep, but hopefully continue my milk supply. I've got some Holle baby millet porridge as understand millet to have more iron than baby rice. Haven't tried it yet. It is possible to mix it with b/m to give a bottle feed. Has anyone tried this? Feel terribly worried and guilty about giving her stuff b4 she's ready, but don't want her to go hungry (she is quite wimpery at night now), though no teeth yet.
Sorry to have gone on a bit, but would be really g/ful for advice and/or helpful articles. Anything to stop the tears (mine)! Thanks so much in advance.

KITTENSOCKS Wed 15-Aug-07 13:44:21

She sounds really hungry for food now, and isn't rejecting what you offer her, so try offering more of it! If you give both breasts at one feed, you could offer one and give puree after, then let her top up from the other breast. You do this at one meal to start with, and when established, start another meal so she has two. You keep doing this until you're giving three meals, with bottles or breast in between. As the amount of food increases, they take less milk, and you alter the food consistency and offer finger foods as growth and teeth dictates.

JodieG1 Wed 15-Aug-07 13:52:55

My ds2 is 7 months now and I am doing BLW with him. Link here I let him decide when he was ready and now he eats pretty much anything that we do. For example he had a roast dinner on Sunday and loved it He eats all sorts of steamed veg and lovs fruits and I don't puree anything. I pureed with my first two and imo this is so much better and easier as baby decides for themself what and how much they eat just like demand breastfeeding.

I give him breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes snacks and he still wakes a lot in the night for milk. He does eat quite a lot of real food but still likes his milk. I'd wholeheartedly recommend BLW.

scaredypuss Wed 15-Aug-07 16:51:32

Thanks so much for your advice. It's reassuring to hear others experiences and also verification that she's really hungry. I felt so clueless previously!
Just another question - did you both start offering more water with the solids and semi-solids?

lailasmum Wed 15-Aug-07 16:55:58

I reckon if she is 6 months and hungry then gradually phase in meals. To be honest all they do do at first is have a suck and it either dribbles every where or they spit it out. And don't be scared of food she has to end up eating it and just not breast milk so just stop worrying and have a go. Buy a weaning book or have a look at the website JodieG1 suggested to give you a little guidance.

JodieG1 Wed 15-Aug-07 17:07:44

I never gave water before 6 months as I'm bf and still bf now but I do offer water in a cup so he gets used to the cup now. Breast milk is the only drink he really needs though.

scaredypuss Wed 15-Aug-07 17:08:09

Thanks Lailasmum,
There I was thinking I was being cruel to her when the poor thing couldn't chew! It's a relief to hear that they do this. From the advice I've been given, it also sounds normal that she should get hungrier at this age without necessarily displaying 'classic' signs (like the first tooth, chewing, etc. All I have to concern myself with now is the change in bowel movements, or lack of them! Something which I'm sure will right itself in time. Might try some gentle tummy massage after her bathtime. Meantime, she's been trying to 'help' me type this and it smells as though the effort might have had some effect, at last.

scaredypuss Wed 15-Aug-07 17:11:59

Thanks JodieG1,
I'll probably offer it sparingly, so long as she continues to guzzle her b/m. Think I was getting a bit obsessed with the lack of nappy output!
So glad mumsnet exists. It's saved me a lot of tears and given much peace of mind - especially in the early months. And it continues. Hope I can give some useful advice to people one day.

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