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Reverse cycling/slow weight gain EBF

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Thecaravan Wed 16-Oct-19 17:32:43

Hi my almost 4 month old DD2 is EBF and between 4 weeks and 3 months old consistently woke once in the night to feed, usually between 3 and 5am then went back to sleep til around 7am. Last feed of the day around 8.30/9pm. Obviously I enjoyed the sleep while it lasted!
Now she is waking 2-4 times every night plus having a dream feed. I'm trying not to feed her all of those times bit usually end up feeding her most of them just because it's the quickest way to get her back to sleep. However I'm concerned that I'm causing reverse cycling. She's so distracted during day time feeds now that they are over in around 5 mins. She was weighed today at the Drs and has now dropped to 17th percentile. She was born at about 37.5 weeks weighing 7lb 4oz which is well over 50th centile for gestation. She dropped to 30th by end of first month, then 23rd percentile by end of 3rd month and now 17th. I'm guessing this is why she's waking more. Soooooo tips for increasing day time calories and encouraging more night sleep?? Am starting back to work full time next week and am exhausted but also concerned that her weight gain is slowing sad

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Pipanchew2 Sat 19-Oct-19 20:37:53

No advice I’m afraid but I just posted about my DS doing something very similar and then saw your post.
Hopefully someone will give us some ideas... I’ve also emailed la Leche league for advice so will let you know if they get back to me with anything useful.

Good luck.

JC12345 Sat 19-Oct-19 20:41:15

Around four months there's a big sleep regression and development leap so may be wanting to feed more frequently.

pjani Sat 19-Oct-19 20:42:19

I had this problem and didn’t really solve it until I might weaned at 8 months. Just wanted to suggest trying to feed during the day in a dark quiet room so your DC doesn’t get distracted. Might be worth a try! Also you can start solids fairly soon, in many countries they start from 4 months. Though - solids didn’t reduce the night feeding for me either.

Keep trying other ways of settling - roll your baby into their side and pat their butt, rub them gently, sing them a lullaby. Good luck!

pjani Sat 19-Oct-19 20:42:35

*night weaned

Pipanchew2 Sat 19-Oct-19 20:44:22

One thing I’m starting to try is giving a bottle of EBM in the day to try and boost daytime calories - he’s not super keen but is starting to get the hang of it. Also the GP wanted to know how much he was getting in each feed confused so I figure if I can get him to take a feed from a bottle once a day the. I’ll have an answer for him when he next asks!

Harrysmummy246 Tue 22-Oct-19 16:29:04

Gp should really know better than to ask that for BF.

Plus, daytime calories will not affect night waking at this age. It is totally normal to wake at night, (and often several times) and also totally normal to need a feed to resettle. It's normal in fact until well into the second year, whatever anyone else might tell you.

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