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how long to bottles stay sterile for ? once steralised

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kittenbaby Tue 14-Aug-07 22:10:31

ive been having a go at expressing milk cant get much maybe 2 fl oz but was thinking of taking it out with me on sat when we are going out for our first wedding anniversary
dd is only 7 weeks old

iblue22 Wed 15-Aug-07 20:00:09

Hello, my "golden rule" was 24 hours maximum, and even then make sure it's in a fridge or kept very cold for that time.


Mammi Thu 16-Aug-07 00:04:13

Once sterilised (if using microwave steriliser) it will remain sterilise for 24 hours if remain in the steriliser and the lid has not been opened. Once opened the bottle will only be sterilised for 3 hours.

kittenbaby Thu 16-Aug-07 07:18:55

it s a steam steraliser x

Seona1973 Thu 16-Aug-07 09:19:37

I think you will find they remain completely sterile for 3 hours in the steriliser as long as it remains unopened and then they are ok for 24 hours once all the bits have been assembled

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