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Bottle feeding

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sebbzgaughan34 Mon 14-Oct-19 00:19:53

Hi there need a little advice .. my son is 11 weeks old an is on cow an gate hungrier baby milk he wasn't on it from birth but from around 8 weeks was feeding ok on it to begin with an now he hardly touches his milk he is in a 6/7 oz every 3/4 hour an the last few weeks only seems to be drinking 2/4 oz every time he only used to wake for feed once in the night now it twice his still a good baby but I'm a bit worried is to why his picking at his bottles he also fights with his bottle an gets restless all the time as he can be a bit stubborn with wind I jus don't elk now what to do I don't know if the milk or the bottles he don't like I'm clueless as with my other children Didnt got throw this they was all ways on time an drank a full oz bottle any advice would be appreciated thank you

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Expressedways Mon 14-Oct-19 00:30:20

It could be the hungry baby milk. It’s harder to digest and I didn’t think it was recommend at all any more but definitely not for babies that young. Unless you were specifically told to swap by your doctor or health visitor then I’d swap back to normal stage 1 formula.

hormonesorDHbeingadick Tue 15-Oct-19 21:27:24

Why is he on hungry baby milk?

Basil90 Tue 15-Oct-19 21:34:08

He shouldn't be on hungry baby milk at his age. Bloody hell, his poor little tummy!

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