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Stopped BF

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mummynumnum Mon 13-Aug-07 21:34:32

DD 13mths has gradually BF less and less since about 6mths, but think she has now decided to stop altogether as has not been interested for 2 days. Feel a bit sad, but was just wondering if I am likely to get any pain in breasts due to stopping.

mamama Tue 14-Aug-07 04:53:04

It's hard to stop doing something that means so much. You may get some discomfort but if DD has weaned gradually, it might not happen. If it gets unbearable, you can pump/ hand express a tiny bit of milk to relieve the pain. Hope all goes well.

mummynumnum Tue 14-Aug-07 08:20:28

Yes, feel quite sad. As she has weaned gradually I did not think I would but has hit me harder than thought when she started refusing last one. Dont feel any discomfort, so hopefully I will avoidd that as she has weaned gradually.

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