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sorry, slightly unpleasant re baby sick

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georgiebs Mon 13-Aug-07 21:09:43

Hi there, my ds2 is 17 days old and i am very reluctantly having to supplement his milk while i do everything i can to up my supply.. long story. tonight he was sick for the first time ( my dp gave him a bottle and didn't feed him slowly or observantly enough) anyway, his sick was flecked with brown and a sort of beige colour. I suspect this is old blood from my poor nipples which are frankly ragged from his very strong latch and my poor positioning, he seems ok but i wondered if anyone has had this experience, thanks very much georgie

singyswife Mon 13-Aug-07 21:14:38

No advice just wanted to bumo the thread f0or you

tiktok Mon 13-Aug-07 23:49:36

georgie, your baby's young enough to totally justify a call to your HV/midwife tomorrow or even the doc overnight if you think there is any sign he may be unwell.

It certainly sounds like he has swallowed your blood and has sicked it up - it comes up like little flecks as you say. But I am not a medical professional and you might want proper reassurance.

You can also post another thread about the wider issue of building up your supply, and I am sure you'll get help.

georgiebs Wed 15-Aug-07 07:59:10

thanks tictoc, it hasn't happened since and sick has subsequently been er, normal coloured... i can only presume it was my blood... hv round today so will mention. many thanks again, your wisom and words are invaluable x

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