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Neocate - any experts out there ?

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mousemole Mon 13-Aug-07 18:03:59

DS 2 is six weeks old and has been on Neocate for 3 weeks due to severe lactose and cows milk protein intolerance.
We noticed a big improvement when he went on to Neocate but now I have a few concerns -

1) To begin on the Neocate he had 4/5 bowel movements a day and these were soft and mustard yellow. Now he only has one bowel movement a day and it is green and solidly formed. This doesn't seem right to me ?
2) His wind/colic is getting bad again - distended stomach for a couple of hours after each feed
3) Weigh gain is 4-5 oz each week. He was 8.15 when born and has slipped from 75th percentile to 50th percentile.

Does anyone have experience of Neocate and notice anything similar to the above ? As Neocate is stripped of practically everything I cant believe there is anything in it that he is reacting to ?

Aliway Mon 13-Aug-07 18:22:14

Hi there, do you have an appointment to see his paediatrician soon? In my limited understanding green stools generally means quick passage of stools where the bile is passing without getting oxidized hence the green colour. For infants on formula passing bowel motions once a day is not unusual however looking at his weight gain perhaps he may be needing extra calories. I would get in contact with your health visitor to highlight these valid concerns, good luck and hope all goes well

mousemole Tue 14-Aug-07 12:11:26

Yes, we will see her again in 2 weeks when I will update her on the latest developments.
Is the quick passage of stools a bad thing ?
Trying to up his feeds now to increase the weight gain..

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