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Can I store formula in the fridge

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ardvark Sun 12-Aug-07 21:49:58


Help I am confused, can you still make up formula and store it in the fridge. As I currently make up all my feeds in one go and store them for 24 hours in the fridge. I use boiling water and allow it to cool for half an hour then add the formula and then straight to the fridge. I did this with my first dd who was born 2004 and I was advised to do this by the health nurse in Australia but I am now living in Switzerland and I have read reports that it is now not ok to do this due to bacteria as the milk is not sterile. I am finding it hard to find out information as my current health nurse speaks no English.

All information gratefully received.

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 12-Aug-07 21:54:03

We did used to do ths. The guidlines have changed and suggest that you should make each feed fresh.

TBH I have done both and it is a lot easier to do the latter. Sterlise your bottles and put the water in. You can then leave them at room temp. When you need a feed zap it in microwave (you should heat it to greater than 70C as formula isn't sterile but I always did it to feeding temp and never had a problem). Add your powder and mix thoroughly. Feed. It is much easier than it sounds. and is great for when you are out and about.

TheQueenOfQuotes Sun 12-Aug-07 21:56:29

I did the former with DS2....and although I've read (and understand the new guidelines) still do it for DS3 - tbh at 4am in the morning it's much easier to get the bottle striaght out of the fridge into the microwave than faffing around trying to make sur eyou count out the right number of scoops when you're half asleep.

Go on shoot me now

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 12-Aug-07 21:58:57

Yes but QoQ I would never put milk in teh microwave as it can get hotspots. I always did it in a jug of hot water....which is slow slowwwww.

You can pre-measure the powder in little pots - which are also great when out and about.

TheQueenOfQuotes Sun 12-Aug-07 22:03:57

we always give it a good shake afterwards....I know that in theory there can be hotspots but (touchwood) with nearly 2yrs of DS2 having bottles, and so far 8 weeks with DS3 having them) we've not had that problem as yet....

ardvark Mon 13-Aug-07 09:13:49

Thanks everyone for info I will go back to sterlising my bottles and putting the water in and leaving them at room temp. I stopped doing this as I thought the water was going to stop being sterile as I live in an apartment and its boiling hot all the time.

The problem with making feeds as you go as per the formula instructions is how on earth can you reduce the temp quick enough for a feed.

I did bf at the beginning but my dd2 has dislocated hips and had to be put in a brace making bf impossible for me so I use formula now for her feeds, I feel I need to explain this to people who may frown at me using formula.


expatinscotland Mon 13-Aug-07 09:15:12

We did this with DD1 and then used a bottle warmer to heat it up.

But when DD2 had formula we did the QofQ method.

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