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How long does it take for AF to return after you stop BF

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sarahblue Sat 11-Aug-07 22:07:07

I have stopped BF my DS2 and wondered how long on average it takes for AF to return?


imaginaryfriend Sat 11-Aug-07 22:08:57

What's AF?

sarahblue Sat 11-Aug-07 22:13:15

Sorry, period

IdrisTheDragon Sat 11-Aug-07 22:18:41

With DS, my periods started again almost exactly 4 weeks after I stopped breastfeeding him.

With DD, they started again while I was still breastfeeding (at about 8 months I think).

jaz2 Sat 11-Aug-07 22:23:27

Mine started while I was still BF DS - at about 7.5 months. I thought they waited until you had finished BF, but obviously not!!

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