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Clothes for b/f-ing

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Tinkjon Fri 10-Aug-07 13:20:41

I need to buy a nightie or something for hospital. With regard to breastfeeding, is it easier (and, more importantly, less boob-flashy!) to have a buttoned top that you can unbutton, or a top that you just lift up from the waist? Thanks!

orangecat Fri 10-Aug-07 13:24:39

After giving birth, you generally care less! And you can pull the curtains round if you want some privacy

Jojo maman bebe do lots of breastfeeding tops and PJs, with flaps which lift up - most discreet!

I seem to remember, actually, that lifting a top exposed less as baby covered lower parts, as it were

cazee Fri 10-Aug-07 23:04:20

I always prefer to lift my top, as baby covers the underneath, so nothing can be seen.

Chirpygirl Fri 10-Aug-07 23:13:44

Def a lift up top rather than pull down!
I had PJ's with button shirts as I could unbutton if I needed to see what the hell I was doing and then button up again so I wasn't flashing the easily offended other mums on my ward!

ThursdayNext Fri 10-Aug-07 23:40:06

Yep, lift up.
Buttons very indiscreet for the well-endowed (that's me, post birth).
Lifting much quicker than buttoning as well.

Tinkjon Sat 11-Aug-07 09:36:11

Brilliant, thanks people! ThursdayNext, 'well-endowed' is definitely the category I fit into, so that's really helpful to know.

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