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What bra to wear for bed?

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pilchy Sun 15-Sep-19 11:15:12

My baby is now 11 weeks old. I breast feed and my boobs have suddenly just exploded in size! ( normally a DD but now even bigger!) I can't seem to find a comfy bra to wear to bed!
Does any one have any recommendations please? 😊

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LloydColeandtheCoconuts Sun 15-Sep-19 11:26:04

I used to wear m and s maternity ones. They were ugly things but so comfy. I was also a DD now a saggy E grin

LuckyKitty13 Sun 15-Sep-19 11:27:41

I dont wear one. I wear a strappy top and just leak everywhere. Bath towel under the sheet for protection

AwdBovril Sun 15-Sep-19 11:33:02

I wore the Mothercare night bras (basically crop tops with the clip things on the straps). I don't rate their regular bras much, but the night time bras were pretty comfortable for sleeping in, & held a pad in place.

Seeline Sun 15-Sep-19 11:49:03

I also wore the Mothercare sleep bras. Comfortable, stopped everything flopping and easy for feeding. I am 38GG.

pilchy Sun 15-Sep-19 15:42:14

Thanks everyone! I tried the new look maternity ones which are good for day time but not supported enough for bed.
Will have a look at mother care! 😊

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Hopesorfears Sun 15-Sep-19 15:50:45

I've nothing against anyone wearing a bra to bed if they want to, but I never did and never needed to - am firmly in the it's a relief to take your bra off camp!

MADASANOWL Sun 15-Sep-19 15:56:10

I brought a couple of cheap primark sports bras. They are easy enough to pull to the side so my child can feed during the night but I can stick a breast pad inside so I don’t leak everywhere!

firstimemamma Sun 15-Sep-19 15:58:23

Mine are from mothercare and I love them. Got 2 and it's all I've needed at night nearly 14 months into breastfeeding. Durable, soft and comfy. Also just come in 'small', 'medium' and 'large' nice and simple with no need to commit to a particular size with all the potential size changes to come.

blueskiesbrighteyes Sun 15-Sep-19 16:07:47

I got a Medela one off Amazon. You can just pull it aside rather than clips, which is much easier at night. I'm an E and its supportive enough for me

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