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You know you're a breastfeeding mum when......

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vole3 Thu 09-Aug-07 13:45:38

Standing in the queue in Asda you get that wet t-shirt moment when someone else's child starts crying.......

Sleeping in the wet patch means you couldn't be bothered with breast pads overnight.......

DollyPopsOut Thu 09-Aug-07 13:46:44

you go to the door for the postie with a breast hanging out or 5 inches lower than the other one as you haven't had time to do up the cup of your bra....

Manictigger Thu 09-Aug-07 14:12:49

....You're obsessed with eating cake. Any cake. Even cake that you used to hate.

kerala Thu 09-Aug-07 14:18:26

When you are in cafes or restaurants you automatically go for the seat in the corner at the back that faces the wall/the loos rather than the seat with the nice view or the one that looks out over the rest of the cafe.

Guitargirl Thu 09-Aug-07 15:24:02

You absent-mindedly 'weigh' your breasts with your hand to try to guess when baby will next need a feed and then realise you shouldn't be doing that in public as it probably makes you look like Les Dawson in that sketch about his MIL.

Kathyis6incheshigh Thu 09-Aug-07 15:29:08

When you're buying a new top your main concerns are:
1. will it pull up easily?
2. will it show leaks?

MamaG Thu 09-Aug-07 15:30:08

LOL guitar

Kathyis6incheshigh Thu 09-Aug-07 15:30:57

You are following your toddler round a play area whilst carrying your newborn and you suddenly realise you have just breastfed at the top of a climbing frame.

mummydoit Thu 09-Aug-07 15:35:02

You can't remember the last time you wore a dress.

mummydoit Thu 09-Aug-07 15:35:37

You think it's perfectly normal to have a savoy cabbage leaf in your bra.

MegaLegs Thu 09-Aug-07 15:36:56

Guitar - I'd forgootten about doing that - I used to hoist each one to see which was fullest.

Kathyis6incheshigh Thu 09-Aug-07 15:39:08

When getting changed on a beach you pay no attention whatsoever to concealing your breasts because you figure so many people have seen them by now a few more aren't going to make much difference.

mummydoit Thu 09-Aug-07 15:44:34

You use body lotion everywhere except your breasts.

Pidge Thu 09-Aug-07 15:49:14

when your older kids instinctively grab baby dolls and shove them up their t-shirts to give them some 'boob' just like mummy does

determination Thu 09-Aug-07 15:54:06

you seem to be obsessed with unconciously feeling your breasts to ensure your pads a situated in the right place!

You start chasing after your running toddler and wonder why you've just hit your face with your bouncing boob... coz your bra wasn't clipped back up

When your toddler shouts "i want mummies milk" as you walk passed breast pumps in a store

eca Thu 09-Aug-07 21:05:28've forgotton what perfume you used to wear and now you just smell of l'eau d'MILK!

massivebigpantsface Thu 09-Aug-07 21:08:30

pmsl guitargirl! I am always feeling my boobs to see when she's next due, never bother with looking at the clock anymore!

PrettyCandles Thu 09-Aug-07 21:09:11

you do your brastraps up again after a feed and have no inhibitions hoiking them out of your collar in public.

harpsichordcarrier Thu 09-Aug-07 21:10:29

today I fed on a soft play climbing frame
in a pirate ship
and in a sand pit
do I get a prize

choolie Thu 09-Aug-07 21:24:39

all the tops in your wardrobe are black to hide the leaks and minimise the sight of your boobs jiggling in your unsupportive feeding bra

ntsmum Thu 09-Aug-07 21:26:32

I went on hols with a child free friend and by the end of the week she'd started regularly feeling her boobs (as I did to check which one was 'next')!
Also after a few months I stopped caring about who or what I sprayed during those seconds between boob out/latch on!

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