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EBF baby wont take bottle

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Whuut Fri 06-Sep-19 11:43:52

My DS is now 11weeks and I've been trying to give a bottle of EBM every now and again. We recently switched to mam bottles and he seems to prefer these but the problem is he won't take a bottle from anyone else but me and even then he won't always take it and that just defeats the point anyway! I left him with his dad for about 5 hours at 8 weeks old and he took 1 ounce of milk, then just screamed for an hour and when I got back he took the bottle straight away from me.

I read somewhere that giving formula in a bottle might work better as they associate breastmilk with the boob.. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this and it has worked?

I'd rather not give formula but if it might work I will give it a go. I realise the only way I'll find out is by trying but just looking for other peoples experiences. Thanks.

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Whuut Sat 07-Sep-19 14:54:10

Anyone? sad

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booklover164 Sun 08-Sep-19 21:52:54

Have you tried the medala calma bottles? Worked for my ds. Expensive but worth it x

Stephminx Sun 08-Sep-19 22:00:04

I tried every bottle under the sun with my first but she could never take a bottle.
I suspect that was my own fault - she was born at 36 weeks and took 8 weeks to establish BF. During that time I pumped and cup fed. Once she 'got' BF, I only did that so I could get my supply regularised. By the time I tried with a bottle it was too late. She never tolerated a dummy either (she just used me).
I have no such issue with my second who gets a bottle every so often if I'm out (either formula or expressed milk). She was born much stronger at 39 weeks though (and 10 lbs plus so v hungry).
My advice would be to persevere to try to find something as if you leave it too long you might end up like my first. Don't let him get too hungry first but other than that, my advice would be to just try different ones.
Both mine went through a clingy stage too which doesn't help if you want others to feed them. Try a woman first perhaps as mine both preferred women to men at that clingy stage... which upset their dad no end.

glasshalfsomething Sun 08-Sep-19 22:02:55

What temp is the bottle milk at? Have you heated it enough?

Whuut Mon 09-Sep-19 07:17:47

Thanks everyone. Haven't tried medela calma, maybe I'll give them a go. I always make sure the milk is warm but it doesn't seem to make a difference. He was born strong 17 days late and we got BF pretty quickly so as I said, I've been trying since 3ish weeks. He's latched on a few times to the bottle so I know he can do it he just chooses not to. The last few days he's refused completely, he just chews it for a minute then cries. I'll keep persevering, I feel a bit defeated sad My DP seems to think he knows he's gonna get the boob cus I just give in but I think he's too little to think like that. And i dont want to force the bottle on him I'd just like him to be happy with taking it!

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Stephminx Mon 09-Sep-19 08:48:54

He's too little to be manipulating you - but bottle feeding is still a skill he needs to learn and I know he's done it a few times, but that might have been a bit lucky (if that's the right word) and he's not yet great at the skill. Just keep trying and if he gets distressed/angry etc try again later. Don't let him associate stress with the bottle. Good luck.

glasshalfsomething Mon 09-Sep-19 09:50:33

My LO refused until she was 5 months old and I tried everything. Eventually I tried one day and blasted in microwave for 30 sec. that was the day she took the bottle! I had previously always warmed in warm water.

Whuut Mon 09-Sep-19 20:02:05

@Stephminx I told him he's too young to think like that, all he knows is that boobs=food! Thanks everyone for the advice, he actually took 1oz today so maybe we are getting somewhere! Also for anybody wondering, I tried formula and there was more screaming than normal so that's a no no!

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