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Changing routines / reducing feeds before starting nursery...?

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LittleMissLate Wed 08-Aug-07 14:05:57

Dd is 8 mths and starting nursery 3 days per week in a fortnight as I will be back at work part time. I'm still breastfeeding 5 times/day (some are quite short) as well as 3 solid meals. Approximate timings are:

6.30 bf
7.30 breakfast
9.00 bf then nap
11.45 lunch
13.00 nap
14.30 bf
17.00 tea
18.45 bf then bed
22.30 bf

She'll be in nursery from 8am to 5pm so missing two normal feed times. I'm not sure how to go about adjusting our routine - should she be starting to reduce her milk intake now? We think she has mild silent reflux and seems to be better with small regular meals. She's never been great at taking fluids from a cup but will take a little and completely refuses bottles.

How did other breastfeeding mothers cope with starting nursery?

Is she likely to be okay with differnt routines on nursery days and home days or is it better to try to follow the nursery routine at home to help her settle?

witchandchips Wed 08-Aug-07 14:11:22

its fine to have different routines. When my ds was around 10 months i only fed during the day at home. If we were out, he just had water instead. If i were you i'd drop the 9.00 feed first

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