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10 Week Old Ounces with Reflux

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Delilah7 Sun 01-Sep-19 19:21:52

Hi guys

I have a 10 week old. When born he had tons of mucus and could hardly take 5ml of milk and had to have a feeding tube which didn't work! he's done so well with growing and putting on weight but unfortunately since having colic and reflux he's taken a backwards step with puking up and acid in his mouth.
He used to take 130/140ml every 3/4 hours. Now he's had to have 90/100ml every 2 to try settle his reflux with gaviscon.
I really want to up this as he's a hungry boy he will defo have more.
What ounce should he be on? At night time it doesn't matter if I feed him at 7pm or 10pm he will still wake at 2:30am/3:00am.
Any guidance would be great!

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