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Don't know what I'm doing

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Harrysmummy246 Thu 29-Aug-19 13:30:36

The advice re Cows milk is actually not as a main drink til after 1 but fine in food.

It seems unlikely to be a cow's milk problem if formula was used and fine or if mum wasn't dairy free while BF

He's very young still. Just give the odd bit of veg etc when you're eating and have him sitting up with you. My son can still do some stunning projectile vomits at 2.2 if he coughs and gags and probably did a lot in the early days but he eats pretty much EVERYTHING now (and in large quantities)

Oh and DS wasn't a fan of anything that was officially a BLW type cooked thing. I didn't every puree anything, just didn't add salt and mashed it up a bit or cut veg differently. He didn't like porridge at all- only has it now if it's mine and on my spoon and fancies it

NotAClue101 Thu 29-Aug-19 11:45:53

Thank you so much's reassuring when chatting with others. I only added the cows milk as they advice from 6 months you can add to food only (not drink in bottles) but think I might hold off a while before trying again, as I don't want him to be out off eating as a result. I was terrible when little and constantly at the doctors as o would only drink milk until around age mum worries so much about me, and I have terrible eating issues now as an adult...I'm trying to ensure he isn't like me if I can help...I eat with him, I praise him and once he clamps his mouth, I don't push it as don't want him to feel forced...I've bought some pouches today as he likes pouches, but not a bowl 🤷🏻‍♀️

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SleepWarrior Thu 29-Aug-19 05:42:42

Food under 1 is just for fun! That was the very helpful mantra passed on to me from a friend when everyone else's babies were munching away and mine was playing with food and mostly wanting milk. It's all about touching, tasting, enjoying food (which doesn't have to include eating it!) and seeing you being happy and relaxed around him with food too.

Ask your HV or GP about whether to investigate the cows milk issue, but you can continue to use formula or breastmilk.

Bronnie2018 Thu 29-Aug-19 05:09:01

Oops #eater

Bronnie2018 Thu 29-Aug-19 05:07:31

@NotAClue101 hi - it could well be teething. My DD, now 13 months was similar to what your describing when she was cutting her first tooth.

Just with regards to cows's entirely up to you as mum but it's not really advisable to give cows milk until 12 months. You can still make porridge and weetabix with fruit but use formula milk instead. Make the same way - just add around 100ml to 1 weetabix. You can always make the porridge with water instead - add a teaspoon of cinnamon and some purée apple or pear too. Yum! I make it for myself and DD and she loves it.

I've breastfed from birth and still do but use formula for her cereals.

Toast lightly buttered with avocado is a good one if they are teething and also celery and carrot sticks to chew on.

Sounds like you're doing a great job and have a great little water when he's not teething!


NotAClue101 Wed 28-Aug-19 17:24:59

So I'm a first time mum and not really a clue what I'm doing pretty much sums things up 😔
My boy is one week off of 7 months...we started weaning 4 weeks ago. I wanted to do baby led weaning initially as heard really good things about children being good, non fussy eaters.
To ensure he could handle food, we had a trial with baby rice...he loved it and did amazing! We went straight in with finger food and purées (decided last minute to do combi) he was doing excellent, eating the purées well, taking spoon and putting in own mouth and also sucking on his finger food like a pro! One week in and he had some porridge made with cows milk which he seemed to like, 3 hours after it was like a scene from the exorcist confused never seen so much sick from a baby!

3 days later we went in holiday, camping for two weeks. Weaning was a little hit and miss due to being out etc. he was still eating well, but had two further projectile vomits (no cows milk this time)

Since we've been home he seems to not want food at all...the only thing he will eat is yogurt from a Squeezy pouch..milk he is taking fine, but does not want any purée or solid at all...
Is this normal? I have no idea being a FTM and don't want to worry of normal...he is just cutting his first tooth, so not sure if that is also a factor?

Some advice/reassurance from more experienced parents would be really helpful

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