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Blocked duct or mastitis? help!!!!!!!!

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kittywits Sun 05-Aug-07 11:28:58

Can anyone help?
I went out on Saturday evening ( a very rare event!), taking my 3 month old with me, he was up all evening and needless to say it completely mucked up his sleeping/feeding patterns. he slept in much longer than usual yesterday morning and my boobs got very full.
Yesterday I noticed my right boob was a bit sore. It has got worse and I can feel a lump. I've tried massaging/hot water bottle but it's still there and hurts more and more, but it doesn't hurt at all when he feeds.
I feed him as often as I can, hourly at least.

My whole body feels stiff and sore BUT I haven't got a temp even though I feel hot .
Is this mastitis or just a blocked duct and what else can I do to help?
Needless to say I got almost zero sleep last night what with the pain and the worry .

Thanks, any advice gratefully received. i so do not want to go on ab's if i can help it.

Coathanger Sun 05-Aug-07 11:35:53

Its hard to say really, but what I would do (and what I was always advised as a BFing mum) is to ring your GP surgery tomorrow and explain your symptoms and ask for a prescription for some BFing friendly antibiotics. When you get them, don't take them, but put them to one side and in the meantime keep feeding through it. Sometimes you can get a kind of false mastitis which won't respond to antibiotics and you don't want to pop pills without good reason
If it develops into full mastistis (temperature, 'flu symptoms etc) then you have the antibiotics there to start immediately.

I hope that is of some help. Good luck xxxxxxxxxx

Tutter Sun 05-Aug-07 11:42:10

sounds to me as though it'#s a blocked duct, that may well turn into mastitis if left untreated

def get thee to the gp tomorrow - good idea to have the abs at hand just in case

in the meantime, continue to feed from that breast as much as possible. angle baby's chin so it points at the affected area if possible, and gently massage the hard area when he feeds

ditto re gentle massage int he shower

Roskva Sun 05-Aug-07 11:44:37

Keep up the massaging - massage under a hot shower might help, as might expressing some milk. If you have a breast pump, try positioning it so that it pulls on the part of boob around the lump, ifkwim. If you don't have a pump, try hand expressing some milk, concentrating on that area. If none of the above helps, then follow Coathanger's advice and go to the doc.

NurseyJo Sun 05-Aug-07 11:53:33

Message withdrawn

kittywits Sun 05-Aug-07 12:14:16

Thankss everyone. I'm trying all these things. It's so annoying I thought I'd got passed the lumpy boob stage by now . I'll ring the gp tomorrow.

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