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One recurring white spot and VERY painful during and after feeding - what is it and how do i stop it hurting?!?

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andonandonandonandon Sat 04-Aug-07 22:56:42

Ds2 is now 15 weeks old and exclusively bf. I have had this one blister like white spot on my right nipple appear and cause intense pain during and mainly after feeding, shooting pains up the breast, a few times now. It comes, hurts for a few days and then just when i think ok its not going and it hurts too much it DOES clear up so I've not seen anyone. The last time was about a month ago so I thought the problem was finished but yesterday nipple became sore during feeding and now today its really bad again. DS2 finished feeding and fell asleep at about 8pm tonight but it is STILL hurting now. What could it be? I know it sounds abit thrush lke but ds appears to be fine and it keeps going all by itself and im fine for weeks. Would thrush do that? The white spot is always in exactly the same place. Could it be one of my um milk holes (what are they called??) gets blocked somehow?

I thought Id finished with the painful stuff and it would all be easy by now!!

floopowder Sun 05-Aug-07 01:27:49

go to your doctor, or tell your midwife about this please. It could be a blocked milk duct.

andonandonandonandon Sun 05-Aug-07 18:45:44

I dont think its a blocked duct as there is no hard red lump and not sure why there would be the white spot on my nipple. And would a blocked duct clear up on its own?

Think I may have to go dr tomorrow, not sure I'll mention it to my hv though as they're not my favourite people atm! And its already less painful than it was yesterday.

The spot looks like its a hole where milk would normally come out but has grown over, the white being milk. Is that even possible?!

ib Sun 05-Aug-07 19:11:04

I've had this and always assumed it was this:

Blocked ducts

Blocked ducts will almost always resolve spontaneously within 24 to 48 hours after onset, even without any treatment at all. During the time the block is present, the baby may be fussy when nursing on that side, as milk flow may be slower than usual, probably due to pressure causing collapse of other ducts. Blocked ducts can be made to resolve more quickly by:

1. Continuing breastfeeding on the affected side.
2. Draining the affected area better. One way of doing this is to position the baby so his chin “points” to the area of hardness. Thus if the blocked duct is in the outside, lower area of your breast (about 4 o’clock), the football hold would be best. Another way of achieving better draining of the breast is using breast compression while the baby is feeding, getting your hand around the blocked duct and using steady pressure as the baby sucks (See handout #15, Breast Compression).
3. Applying heat to the affected area (with a heating pad or hot water bottle, but be careful not to injure your skin by using too much heat for too long a period of time).
4. Trying to rest. (Not always easy, but take the baby to bed with you.)

If the blocked duct is associated with a small blister on the end of the nipple, you can open it with a sterile needle. Flame a sewing needle or a pin, let it cool off, and puncture the blister. No need to dig around. Just pop the top or side of the blister. Sometimes you can squeeze out a little toothpaste like material from the duct and the duct will immediately unblock. Or, put the baby to the breast and he may unblock it for you. Opening the blister has the added benefit of decreasing nipple pain, even if the blocked duct does not immediately resolve. Come to the clinic if you cannot do it yourself.

(from the Newman website)

never had the nerve to pierce it though...

andonandonandonandon Sun 05-Aug-07 20:12:10

OMG that sounds exactly like it although i cant feel a lump but if its deep perhaps I might not? But the blister and toothpaste type stuff and resolving itself is bang on! How come I could never find that information myself?!

Thankyou so much ib! And apologies to floopowder for dismissing blocked ducts when you suggested it

Not sure ill brave a pin now as it seems to be getting better on its own again but if it comes back its that bad at its worst that i think i would try anything!

ib Mon 06-Aug-07 10:54:00

I don't normally feel a lump when I have it either.

PSCMUM Mon 06-Aug-07 11:02:42

go the doctor immediately. This could potentially be really serious for you or for your baby - it could be a sign that you have herpes simplex virus - ie coldsores. I'd never had one before, but with my dd they appeared, due to my being run down and exhausted - hsv spots are white, like blisters, really sore, and can go up and down on their own. But seriously, go to the doctor now now now. Its probabyl not that acually, as it is so very rare, but just incase. be on the safe side.

andonandonandonandon Mon 06-Aug-07 12:50:28

Really pscmum? Any other symptoms?

Off to do a search methinks! Too late for me to make drs appointment today but will try get one tomorrow

NoNickname Mon 06-Aug-07 12:58:36

Sounds to me like a blocked duct too, or perhaps a bleb.

Some more info here:

and here:

chocbutton Mon 06-Aug-07 13:52:27

I have had similar too, about three times now and DS is 7 mths. It always seems to appear when I have been feeding in an uncomfortable/not usual position (e.g. been out for the day etc, and so not in usual comfy seat with pillows!).
I find it takes a day to go, and is really painful - just had to keep massaging breast, get baby to keep feeding (even though its agony!) and have hot showers/compresses on breast. Eventually, it seems to 'pop' and the milk really squirts out and you can feel the release of pressure, IFSWIM. I found it helpful to try and express by hand too. Hope you feel better soon!

PSCMUM Mon 06-Aug-07 14:20:06

sorry andonandon, I was away from the PC - yes, really. The other symptoms can be all of any or none of feeling fluey, feeling run down, headache, stiff joints, temperature, runny nose - just imagine how you feel if you get a coldsore on your mouth - its the same kind of feeling. I had to stop breastfeeding becasue of it, because there was a risk of giving it to dd when feeding her. but honestly - its so rare, its far more likely to be a blocked duct I think, but just thought I'd tell you so you can be on the safe side. But really, time is very very pressing if it is this. And you need to take baby to the Dr also just to make sure they have no symptoms. but as I say, I doubt it. I'm just raising the TINY possibility!

PSCMUM Mon 06-Aug-07 14:25:27

andonandon check out the above link.

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