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Is this cluster feeding?

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FiveFarthings Thu 15-Aug-19 07:59:02

DD is ten days old. Since day one she has been wonderful at BF, latches on really well, feeds for roughly 45 mins usually with a boob swap half way through and usually drops off to sleep after.

Around day 7 and last night she was being really fussy at the breast- not latching, rearing her head away, pushing herself away with her hands, scrunching her body up. I ended up nursing from about 7pm until midnight nearly constantly- she’d do ten minutes on one boob, detach herself, wouldn’t take it again so I was swapping boobs constantly. Burping, nappy change, back to boob!

Eventually she seemed satisfied and went into a deep sleep. She woke for another feed at about 3am and did a normal hours feed and straight back to sleep.

Does this sound like cluster feeding, or something else?

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ClaraLane Sat 17-Aug-19 11:12:07

Definitely sounds like cluster feeding to me, has your milk come in? Have you tried feeding her lying down so you can rest while she feeds?

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