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please can you help me quick !!!!question im off to buy a breast pump in half an hour can you tell me if the boots electric one is any good or shall i get a better one ?

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kittenbaby Fri 03-Aug-07 17:53:33

only really planning on using for the odd night etc but really fel i need an electric one ,dont like the thought of a manual
i dont mind paying for one i dont mind paying for the swind think its about 90 but the boots one is about 44 quid
id rathr just get the best though

hercules1 Fri 03-Aug-07 17:55:24

I used the manual advent one and when researching it (4 years ago mind) it seemed to be better than electric ones.

DaisyMOO Fri 03-Aug-07 18:05:49

I had a medela electric pump which I found worked very well, but I couldn't tell you whether it was better than the Boots one, sorry!

meandmy Fri 03-Aug-07 18:07:13

our local hospital use the medula electric breast pumps!

JoMa Fri 03-Aug-07 18:09:44

I had a problem with my Boots pump wth ds1 and another mum on the April thread had a problem with hers too, we couldn't get anything out but using a different pump we both express easily

JoMa Fri 03-Aug-07 18:11:12

oh, and I didn't want a manual one either, but actually prefer my Tommee Tippee manual to my electric one! Tbh, if you are only using it occasionally you should probably start wth a manual, not everyone can express easily

pipsqueeke Fri 03-Aug-07 18:11:40

I had 3 a tommy tippee manual which was rubbish totally. a cheapo one form ebay which was good (made my boobs sore thou was v v powerful and the medela one, I wish i'd got that one first it was fantastic and i'm planning on using it when we eveuntally have another one.

kittenbaby Fri 03-Aug-07 18:14:36

is it easier then with with a manual ?
i thought it would be easier with electric ?

sounds like the medela is popular which one
and hercules the swing or the mini ?
thanks for your advice joma dont think ill waste my money on the boots

JoMa Fri 03-Aug-07 18:17:19

don't think it makes it any easier if you are only expressing occasionally, if you are expressing often then yes, get an electric. Not every pump suits every breastfeeder but the mini medela is very popular.

kittenbaby Fri 03-Aug-07 18:19:37

right ive gotta go in just a few mins
so which one the swing or the mini
thanks girls ? xxxxx

joma i think ill use it occ for the first six months then maybe a bit more?
excuse my yibberish xxx

pipsqueeke Fri 03-Aug-07 18:25:18

i've got the mini one but was expressing every day at least once so it was fantasitc prob why I didn't get on witht he manual - the results weren't as quick either.

JoMa Fri 03-Aug-07 18:26:07


MarsLady Fri 03-Aug-07 18:27:20

You want the Almedia Lactaline Dual pump. Trust me. It is the best breast pump out there.

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