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Free online access to Breastfeeding Medicine (academic journal) for all of August

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twofalls Thu 02-Aug-07 13:05:38

For those of you interested in the research, Mary Ann Liebert are offering free access to ^Breastfeeding Medicine^ for the whole of August of recognition of breastfeeding week, see the press release

I don't work for the publisher by the way, I just know that their marketing is probably not that effective in the UK and thought that some of you on here would be interested.

Here is the blurb about the journal:
Breastfeeding Medicine publishes original scientific papers, reviews, and clinical case studies on a wide spectrum of topics in lactation medicine such as: the epidemiology, physiological, and psychological benefits of breastfeeding; breastfeeding recommendations and protocols; health consequences of artificial feeding; optimal nutrition for the breastfeeding mother; breastfeeding indications and contraindications; breastfeeding the premature or sick infant; breastfeeding in the chronically ill mother; management of the breastfeeding mother on medication; and much more

hunkermunker Thu 02-Aug-07 13:06:58

That's fab! Thanks for posting that - will read loads!

Why is it usually closed access?

twofalls Thu 02-Aug-07 13:08:49

Just because its an academic journal and normally you have to pay a fairly hefty subscription for it so they are just opening up this month for breastfeeding week, which I think is great actually.

Glad you will find it useful

hunkermunker Thu 02-Aug-07 13:09:36

Oh, fair enough

That is pretty fantastic, definitely.

twofalls Thu 02-Aug-07 13:11:55

No problem, could you keep this bumped for the evening lot if I am not around? I'd hate to think of all that research available for nothing and nobody knowing about it!

hunkermunker Thu 02-Aug-07 13:12:28

Yep! Happy to!

twofalls Thu 02-Aug-07 15:10:27


hunkermunker Thu 02-Aug-07 18:16:30


moondog Thu 02-Aug-07 19:16:07

lol; Hunker

Highlander Thu 02-Aug-07 19:46:23


notnigella Thu 02-Aug-07 19:55:32

thanks two fallds, have sent link to a couple of nct bf counsellors

hunkermunker Thu 02-Aug-07 21:24:43


hunkermunker Fri 03-Aug-07 21:13:11


twofalls Mon 06-Aug-07 11:09:41

Just in case anyone missed this....

purplemonkeydishwasher Mon 06-Aug-07 11:19:49

thanks for this! good link!

bumperlicious Tue 07-Aug-07 08:12:57

Bumping for the morning crowd...

twofalls Fri 10-Aug-07 12:20:26

bumpity bump

Philomytha Fri 10-Aug-07 14:37:29

Thanks! I loved the historical essays, especially the bit about how formula got invented, it wasn't what I'd thought at all.

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