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okay I have no clue what he's doing now

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phdlife Thu 02-Aug-07 08:15:30

Ds (16 weeks tomorrow) has always fed every 1.5-2hrs during the night and used to be just as frequent during the day. He was starting to settle with less night feeding, then had his jabs in week 14. Now he seems to have reverted to 2-hrly feeds during the night, but it's days I can't figure out.

He latches on eagerly enough, sucks for about 30secs-1min, then twists himself off and starts complaining bitterly. (Shouting, grizzling, or if it's late in the day, crying.) Yesterday I didn't force the issue and he only fed at 8:30am, 2:30pm and 9pm.

Lots of times during the day he seems hungry to me, like right now he is chewing his arm and complaining loudly, but if I pick him up he'll do the same thing.

Hang on I'm just going to try, he hasn't fed since 4am so he might go for it now...

PrettyCandles Thu 02-Aug-07 08:34:42



Both caused that sor tof behaviour with my babies.

Try replicating the night-time feeding conditions for daytime feeds for a while, maybe he's calmer and more placid at night, therefore feeding better.

KITTENSOCKS Thu 02-Aug-07 10:26:10

Tried different feeding positions? Infacol before a feed to help with wind? Lying down on the bed to feed will relax you. Are your breasts engorged with the infrequent feeds so that his latching on isn't quite as effective and therefore frustrating for him? If he doesn't feed more frequently your supply may start to decline. Is he wetting lots of nappies? If not, he may become dehydrated. How about breast-pumping and bottle feeding on a temporary basis until things settle down, to keep your milk going and relieve your poor boobs.

MrsJohnCusack Thu 02-Aug-07 10:32:27

mine is 20 weeks and has been indulging in this kind of malarkey for a few weeks
I'm going with teeth, wind, or a blocked nose

also they do start getting more distracted, so quieter conditions may also help (they do DS)

phdlife Fri 03-Aug-07 19:20:03

talked to a bfing counsellor the other day

she said "growth spurt" but actually he seems to be settling down now (touches wood)

think also he may be teething. gummed me hard enough to leave a mark on my finger today!

thanks for help

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