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Please help! DS 16 wks, amount I can express is reducing fast, what can I do??

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womblingalong Tue 31-Jul-07 22:21:55

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone has any ideas. Am worried as my ability to express milk seems to be disappearing fast. I am using an electric pump, expressing first thing in the morning, feeding my DS at the same time and exressing off the other breast. I was able to express 2-3oz off one breast quite happily, but this has been dwindling rapidly, I am now only able to get 10-20 ml some days, and on a good day, from both breasts 1 oz! I have tried putting my baby to the breast more often, every one to two hours, and expressing throughout the day (not getting anything off ).

Can anyone help?



womblingalong Tue 31-Jul-07 22:39:38


mears Tue 31-Jul-07 22:40:29

Why are you expressing?

womblingalong Tue 31-Jul-07 22:43:37


Expressing to use when I am away from my baby, got a couple of nights away coming up, and am tring to start building up a supply for when I go back to work/ regular evening class starting Sept.

mears Tue 31-Jul-07 22:49:18

I stockplied milk in the freezer for when I went back to work.

Basically - do not panic. There is nothing wrong with your milk supply - it is more likely you are getting anxious and that can affect your letdown reflex.

I never expressed at the same time as feeding personally. I always leaked from the side I wasn't feeding from so I caught the drip milk in a sterilised breast shell (get them in Boots) and could get 1-2 oz that way. I always breastfed from both breasts so i would swap the shell over to the other side then.

Any time the baby was alseep and I had time I would express off a couple of ounces. I would do this a few times a day. I would freeze rthe milk in batches of 4oz or 6 oz.

Try not expressing for a coupl eof days just so that you can relax when feeding. You will find that you will be able to express again. I also found hand expressing much quicker than using a pump.HTH.

mears Tue 31-Jul-07 22:51:36

this site is helpful

CarGirl Tue 31-Jul-07 22:54:47

Sorry my experience is not helpful but I found that my body was too attuned and I got the point were I couldn't let down for a pump or hand express etc. With subsequent babes I started storing milk from birth as in the early weeks my milk was completely abundant even donated to the milk bank!

You are not alone though I think it's quite common

womblingalong Tue 31-Jul-07 23:07:50

Thanks Mears, Cargirl. Mears, I did get breast shells, followig advice on a previous thread,but don't seem to get any drip milk in them.

I think you're right mears, I can feel myself getting tense waiting for the let down. I think my supply has settled down too, as I used to spray milk over my baby if the came off the breast mid feed, but this does not seem to be happening any more.

He is getting teeth, and has been suffering for about 8 weeks with uncomfortable gums, and a few weeks ago seemed to stop feeding very much in the day, and his night feeds increased from 1 or two to up to 5 or 6.
He is now having very short feeds off only one breast, and will scream if I put him back to the same breast the next feed. Do you think this could be affecting supply?

Thanks Mears website looks good, will check it out.

Cargirl very at yur experience, fingers crossed I can get this back up!


CarGirl Wed 01-Aug-07 07:06:04

The quick feed at only one breast - how old is he? It could just be that he is feeding efficiently now, he's downing his feed like an older baby downs a bottle fed - quickly! This again is quite normal. I don't think it's a problem with your supply it's just that you can't get the let down reflext to work.

My only other suggestion is to express both boobs in the morning before feeding, he will be able to get you to let down your milk doesn't run out IYSWIM.

womblingalong Wed 01-Aug-07 09:09:04


thanks for the reassurance, good to know that the short feeds are efficent, not going hungry, I suppose i was concerned because he is pooing much less frequently now, every few days, rather than numerous times a day, and although he has wet nappies, there doesn't seem to be loads every time. He also seems to be getting thinner and longer, and although he feels heavier each week, I haven't had him weighed since he was 8 weeks, as I am not that happy with the health visitors.

SanetJvv Wed 01-Aug-07 09:18:25

Try this recipe, its really wonderfull.

1 litre apple juice

2 litre water

1 sachet blackcurrant rehydration treatment

50ml Weleda Blackthorn elexir

Mix all together, dont take more than 50ml Weleda a day.

10 drops of Bach Resque Remedy in every glass of mixture above.

worked wonders for me and many of my friends.

ladymac Wed 01-Aug-07 09:19:18

Wombling, my baby is 17 weeks and it all sounds very similar. I even bought some baby rice because I was worried she was not getting enough breast milk, though I haven't resorted to that yet.

ladymac Wed 01-Aug-07 09:24:06

Sanet, is your drink aimed at increasing supply?

SanetJvv Wed 01-Aug-07 09:31:06

Yes, the weleda is a tonic for pregnant and breastfeeding woman, used for many years.

The resque drops help with relaxing.

SanetJvv Wed 01-Aug-07 09:32:12

Can buy the Weleda online, but it is expensive, still cheaper than formula milk.

womblingalong Wed 01-Aug-07 09:44:59


that looks good, and i think i have some of the weleda stuff already

thank you!

vesela Sun 05-Aug-07 11:46:34

womblingalong, if his nappies aren't very wet, maybe you should take him to have his weight checked and then go to a lactation clinic or similar where they can help you work on your supply if it's an issue.

I agree health visitors can be less than impressive re. advice, but maybe you should just get his weight checked so you know if there's a problem or not, and then go to lactation people instead of HVs.

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