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LindaCymru Tue 31-Jul-07 21:48:55

Hi! I need advice on a breast pump as I don't know what to buy! I've already tried a Tommy Tippee Freedom pump (manual)which I don't really get on with. I find I'm pumping forever and it's just too much like hard work - my hand/wrist are just too sore! Also I find this is a bit small as my boobs have expanded to a mighty 34G. I need to hold the pump in place with one hand and pump with the other which is not ideal. My son is now almost 6 months old and I really should start getting him used to a cup - he's had a couple of tries from a Doidy cup which was rather cool and I guess he should be doing more of this now!

Ah well, any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks.

puppydavies Tue 31-Jul-07 21:54:48

you could try hiring an elactric pump for a wk via your local nct to see if you get on with them.

mamawhyte Tue 31-Jul-07 21:56:37

Was just going to say that myself. Definately feels like you're being "milked" but works really well!!

choolie Tue 31-Jul-07 21:57:57

I have the avent electric one (got it from mothercare, am sure it's available elsewhere too) and have found it great to use (even if DS won't take a btl of EBM!!!). It is pricey around £85, so would depend how much longer you plan on feeding as to whether that's worth it now, but i rarely need more than 10 mins to get a full btl with it.

LindaCymru Tue 31-Jul-07 21:58:12

Thanks! Will look up local NCT tomorrow!

determination Tue 31-Jul-07 22:09:29

i have the medela pump in style - purely coz i am planning to donate again and i can express LOADS in minutes.. easily 4-6oz in 5-10 minutes.. but you can get a single electric of the same type here .. They are extremely quiet and very effective - from my experience

jabberwocky Tue 31-Jul-07 22:15:10

Well, I'm getting ready to fire up my Ameda Purely Yours in about 10 minutes so can highly recommend it. Ds1 had nipple confusion and was fed exclusively on expressed bm for 13 months(well, plus solids after 6 months). With ds2 I have used it just for work days. It has been absolutely brilliant.

MuminBrum Tue 31-Jul-07 22:19:37

Hi, I have a Medela Mini Electric Plus for sale, cost around £70 new. I didn't use it much but it was a lifesaver when one nipple was too sore for BFing but I wanted to keep my supply up. You can use it on both boobs at once and it's really quick. E-mail me on muminbrum at hotmail dot co dot uk if you're interested.

cornflakegirl Tue 31-Jul-07 22:23:44

How often are you pumping? Mears / Pupuce often recommend expressing by hand.

Are you expressing just to get your son used to a cup? If so, are you sure it's worth the hassle? Could he not just play around with drinking water from the cup?

LindaCymru Wed 01-Aug-07 14:21:02

Hello ladies! Thank you so much for all your advice - all gratefully received! My sister has "found" me a medela electric pump, minus the breastshield, but have now ordered one from Medela UK. So here comes Daisy!
Cornflake girl - I've tried hand expressing -I found it tends to get a bit messy - I can aim anywhere but in a cup !!!
I'm not just expressing to get him used to a cup - my birthday is just around the corner and I may feel the need for more than one glass of wine!!!!

Thanks again everyone - I'll let you know how I get on when all the bits arrive!

LindaCymru Mon 06-Aug-07 13:56:03

Hello again, finally all my breast pump bits arrived and I've had a couple of tries. I'm not too hot with the pump yet, seems to take an age, but hey...thanks agaon for all your help, L x

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