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11 months 2 weeks - dropping formula

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hammeringinmyhead Sat 27-Jul-19 08:44:33

My DS will be 11 months 2 weeks when he goes to nursery 2 days a week (and has half a day with his dad who is changing his work hours). He is currently 9 months and is breastfed other than a 7-8oz bottle of formula before bed. He has been having this nightly bottle since he was about 4 months old.

If I am still breastfeeding morning and night, is it ok for him to just have his meals and water/cow's milk at nursery for that first couple of weeks when he isn't quite one?

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MrsGrannyWeatherwax Sat 27-Jul-19 08:54:30

Mine isn’t at that age yet but it’s the iron content added to formula that’s the reason they say until 1. If you switch early (it’s only 2 weeks) then just introduce enough iron rich or fortified products.

blackcat86 Sat 27-Jul-19 08:57:50

That's fine. My HV did DDs 10 month check when she was virtually 11 months and said to use up our stock of formula but that we were fine to start introducing cows milk as a drink as part of a transition period. We were advised to start giving vitamin drops instead of formula. This lasts until baby is old enough for chewy vitamins.

SeptemberDays Sat 27-Jul-19 08:59:12

It's fine so long as he's eating well. There are plenty of babies that only have milk morning and night (if at all) at that age. But there are also plenty that are still feeding regularly and refusing most food. In the second category you'd probably want to send formula or expressed milk. But nothing special happens at a year.

dementedpixie Sat 27-Jul-19 09:00:41

Yes it will be fine especially if you will still be giving breastfeeds. At that age my 2 only had milk feeds in the am and PM anyway. Meals were given with water

InDubiousBattle Sat 27-Jul-19 09:03:06

It's fine. We switched both of our dc to cows milk a week early because each time we were going away and didn't want to take formula/sterilisation stuff with us.

hammeringinmyhead Sat 27-Jul-19 10:26:38

Great, thanks. He eats 3 meals a day but no snacks currently so I'll just make sure he eats well and look into the vitamin drops. His 11 month check is 2 weeks before nursery so I guess I can raise any questions then!

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hammeringinmyhead Sat 27-Jul-19 10:28:24

It's just hard to get my head round the fact that there will be a time when he'll get most of his nutrients from food... after what feels like a million years of night feeds!

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