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Eaten alive! BFing 8mo and bones starting to show - advice?

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Kirst9 Mon 30-Jul-07 13:25:14

My 8mo ds is almost exclusively BF (slow to wean - whole other story) and, though I eat lots and feel well, I've lost loads of weight in last couple of months and am skin and bones - to the extent of having to sit on a cushion because sitting on my bones is so uncomfortable. He's a bundle of energy and I wonder if that's where all my calories are going. Anyone had similar experience? Is weaning (in ds's own good time of course) the only answer? Or cake?

beansprout Mon 30-Jul-07 13:27:06

Not cake but perhaps you need to increase your food intake a bit? By 8mo they do want a fair amount of milk...!

Kirst9 Mon 30-Jul-07 15:03:00

I eat and I eat - still can't sit comfortably! I guess I'll get my ass back when he decides he's had enough.

cornsilk Mon 30-Jul-07 15:04:33

What about food supplements like complan? That's high in calories and the hot chocolate is yummy.

Mumpbump Mon 30-Jul-07 15:07:32

One of the doctors at the practice I go to said that you should eat whenever the baby eats. How often do you eat and what sort of stuff?

determination Mon 30-Jul-07 15:10:02

have u been checked for an over active thyroid??

DollyPopsOut Mon 30-Jul-07 15:10:55

I'd agree with keeping your calorie intake up - eating when the baby eats is a good start. However, I would also think about going to the GP to ask for your thyroid to be checked. If you lose a lot of weight post baby, you might have an overactive thyroid which would need treatment to regulate it.

DollyPopsOut Mon 30-Jul-07 15:11:30

X posts.

Great minds, eh determination?

Highlander Mon 30-Jul-07 15:17:46

I've been the same with both DSs. Weight loss stops at approx 10-11 months, when (well, DS1 anyway) they finally appreciated my cooking!

terramum Mon 30-Jul-07 15:36:45

Might be worth keeping a food diary for a week to see just how many calories you are getting. If its enough to maintain weight on top of the bfing (which uses about 500 extra calories) then I would go & see your GP to get checked out.

This online food diary is good. It's american but most things can be found.

Kirst9 Mon 30-Jul-07 15:42:54

Thanks everyone! Mumpbump: I eat loads of carbs - toast & peanut butter in the morning, heap of pasta at night, grazing in between - and, interestingly, these are the sort of things ds likes most, when he deigns to eat at all. Hadn't thought that it might be thyroid - will talk to doc.

Highlander: did you get as sick as I am of people telling you how lucky you are? Like being able to count your ribs is a blessing.

Blackduck Mon 30-Jul-07 15:44:31

Avocados (if you like them!) Full of loads of vits and the calories...

Mumpbump Mon 30-Jul-07 16:19:32

The thyroid thing is a good idea to get checked out.

I eat loads of carbs and am usually quite skinny (when not pg!). How about upping protein and fat content? Peanut butter sounds good and cheese is also very nutritious as well as having high calorie content. I remember being told by the doctor to eat chocolate instead of sweets to up my calorie intake in a reasonably nutritious way...

Highlander Mon 30-Jul-07 17:07:28

ah yes - clearly the bags under my eyes weren't enough of a give away that I's exchange 10lbs for a decent night's sleep!

magnolia1 Mon 30-Jul-07 22:09:43

I posted recently about the same. My ds1 is 8 months too and I am losing weight every day
My gp cannot find a reason and I eat tons. I am going back this week to ask If I can have something like complan or build up on prescription.

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