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DD never seems to be full, neither do my boobs...

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bumperlicious Sun 29-Jul-07 14:04:16

The past couple of days DD has been feeding almost constantly, she rarely seems to come off the breast full. I'll feed her, she'll pull off or fall asleep then 20 mins later she'll wake up again and seems to want more. I'm worried that she is not getting enough from me.

For instance, I fed her at 12.30 today, and have been feeding her on and off for the last hour and a half. Thought she was finally done, she was asleep, milky round the mouth, now she's woken her again and I can hear her smacking her lips.

Egypt Sun 29-Jul-07 14:12:22

how old is she? my dd is 4 months now and was like this when she was younger.

i dont know whether it is a growth spurt or comfort but go with it, dont worry about it and it will pass. really.

you could always pop her in her pushchair/pram and take her for a long walk - she'll sleep for longer and maybe be ready for a full feed later when she wakes. break the cycle

elesbells Sun 29-Jul-07 14:24:19

how old is she bump?

bumperlicious Sun 29-Jul-07 14:30:18

ooh, sorry, 5.5 weeks.

bumperlicious Sun 29-Jul-07 14:32:35

Good idea, going to take her out now and see how she goes.

elesbells Sun 29-Jul-07 14:35:38

im not sure but i think there are certain times when they have the growth spurts and your boobs need to catch up with her iyswim?

i was told to feed feed feed to encourage the milk flow. hth

btw congrats on the baby.

puppydavies Sun 29-Jul-07 15:18:26

6 wks is growth spurt. if it's been a couple of days expect it to stop soon. mine sleeps loads more after a growth spurt too is magic - baby increases your supply by feeding so often. all according to plan, well done

bumperlicious Sun 29-Jul-07 22:07:34

Thanks all, thought as much. Looking forward to her getting some decent kip as she is sleeping very little during the day at the moment (she'll do a good 5 hour stint then perhaps 2 hours till the morning then very little for the rest of the day) - could that be linked?

NoviceKnitter Sun 29-Jul-07 22:08:02

Hi Bump, congrats again on your DD. My 4 week old DD is also a binge drinker. Today for example she;s been feeding with only very short breaks since about 4pm. A couple of weeks ago she was feeding on the hour through the night but thankfully she's now only waking at around 3 and 6 and the binge feeds are mostly confined to afternoons and eves. walks in pram or sling, or drives def best way to instigate naps after which she has long satisfying feeds. Advice from various midwives includes: make sure drinking 3 litres water a day toensure good flow. Make sure she's properly latched on and not nipple feeding. And, most commonly, don't worry, this is perfectly normal in the first six to eight weeks till the milk matures and supply is fully up and running. She;s putting on weight well and my breast pads are often drenched so i'm fairly confident it's all working ok. Don't worry I'm sure you're doing fine - just think each time she smiles or does something new it's thanks to the nutrition you're giving her. Also, just think in a few years our DDs will never allow us to cuddle them for such long periods! Good luck and keep us posted in how it's going. I've found it very reassuring to find others like you who are in the same boat.

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