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Can't bear the wriggling

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BergamotMouse Fri 05-Jul-19 14:56:42

My son is 8 months. He's breastfed and will be for the foreseeable future due to milk allergy (and I'm all for extended bf).

But dear god. The wriggling!! I'd compare us to 2 alligators locked in a death roll. I have a strong let down and flow so we both end up soaked.

I've started to only feed him in his room where it's quiet and as dark as it can be with the sun streaming through the blind.

Any further tips on how to get him to focus and be still and content?

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FloatingthroughSpace Fri 05-Jul-19 15:00:16

Nursing necklace?

Seriously though, it's in the job description. If he was lying super still at 8 months that would be a worry. Babies learn by exploring. Pretty soon he'll have his final feed and then you'll look back fondly at what a tiny blink of an eye amount of time you had that connection with him for. Then you turn around and he's 6ft tall and only speaks in grunts and everything you do is cringey or annoying. For now, for this tiny time, you are his world. Lap it up, wiggles and all 😊

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