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Chapel Hatpegs

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Gingerbear Fri 27-Jul-07 19:24:44

DS is fussing at the breast and pulling away constantly. (Hence thread title)
He is very sick - which I think might be reflux after reading on here, but recently when he is sick it is mucousy. He is also very snuffly - is he fussing because of a cold? Or is it the reflux? What can I do?

<<GB, with sore nips>>

whomovedmychocolate Fri 27-Jul-07 19:32:58

How old is he?

Don't understand the thread title.

You could try to get a bulb aspirator and suck out the snot and see if it helps.

Gingerbear Fri 27-Jul-07 19:34:52

9 weeks.
(sorry, I think chapel hatpegs is a Yorkshire turn of phrase, it means that my nipples are the size of Chapel hatpegs)

Nbg Fri 27-Jul-07 19:38:49

at hatpegs.

Sometimes when babies have reflux it goes into the lung and when they bring it up it is mucousy.
Does his chest sound rattly?

Gingerbear Fri 27-Jul-07 19:40:53

yep, very rattly.
I think I need to go to the docs

sushipaws Fri 27-Jul-07 19:42:38

Has he been screaming and going stiff as a board?

This happened to my DD, we were told she had silent reflux but it turns out she was just having trouble with her wind. She only did the stiff body thing for week but she vomited constantly. In the end I was advised to use infacol with every feed, it worked for a month and now we have come off it the sick and the nipple snacking is back. I understand it's uber painful, I just have to keep burping until she settles.

Hope this helps.

Nbg Fri 27-Jul-07 19:43:06

Not that I want to scare you GB but Reflux can also cause Broncilitis.

This is what happened to ds

Is he sick after every feed?

Gingerbear Fri 27-Jul-07 19:45:36

thanks sushipaws.
He feeds for 5 mins, starts fussing, I hold him over my shoulder, he burps, then vomits mucousy milk, try and settle him at the breast, then starts fussing and the cycle begins again. Can go on for ages.

Gingerbear Fri 27-Jul-07 19:46:49

NBG, sometimes it is just posseting, then (especially teatime) it is this mucousy stuff.

Nbg Fri 27-Jul-07 19:50:41


wonder if it is just a mild case of reflux and its aspirating into the lungs in the day, then he brings it up later on to get rid of it?

I would deffo get him checked out then they can rule things out.

trixymalixy Fri 27-Jul-07 19:56:24

My DS had feeding problems due to sinus congestion.

A cranial osteopath sorted it out.

He exhibited exactly the same behaviour pulling away constantly and puking up mucous.

Has your DS ever had a sticky eye?

Gingerbear Fri 27-Jul-07 23:29:03

am back now - bedtime etc. earlier.

trixy, no, no sticky eye. But he is snuffly - How do you find a cranial osteopath then?

I will take him to docs.

PrettyCandles Mon 30-Jul-07 09:53:55

If he's chesty or snuffly, then he could be swallowing catarrh from his nose or mucs from his lungs, and eventually bringing it back up, making the vomit look mucousy. It's typical behaviour for a baby with a heavy cold. It's diffuicult for them to feed properly, because they can't breath easily, hence fussing at the brest. All that fussing also makes them gulp more air, hence the need to wind frequently.

Ds2 is exactly the same right now.

Gingerbear Mon 30-Jul-07 15:18:51

Hi PC - he has a cold, (says doc) but seems to be much better today.

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