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Breastfeeding and TTC with a history of infertility

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Amara123 Fri 28-Jun-19 12:27:10

Hi all

I have an 8 month old who I have breastfed successfully albeit with some road bumps along the way. I am due to return to work almost full time in September when they are 11 months. I am an older mum (almost 39) due to infertility, it took us three fresh IVF cycles to have our baby.
We would like to try naturally and see if we got lucky and get pregnant. However I have only had one period about 30+ days ago.
I'm conflicted about what to do. Breastfeeding is going so well now and my baby is so healthy and thriving. However I'm not sure how quickly my fertility will return unless I stop breastfeeding. We may still have to go down the IVF route again and I suppose I would have to stop then.
On the other side I am kind of breastfeeding for my own health too, I have a family history of breast cancer and am breastfeeding as long as I can to prevent that.
My mind is whirling around on all of these factors.
Does anyone have a similar experience and what did you do?

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autumneve Sun 30-Jun-19 10:15:23

I'm so sorry I have no advice but wanted to bump this up for you!
(I'm interested too)

Amara123 Sun 30-Jun-19 23:43:22

Thanks Autumn! Might be too niche a question!

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ICJump Sun 30-Jun-19 23:45:22

If you’ve had your period then your fertility has returned. Stopping breastfeeding won’t make it come back more.

ICJump Sun 30-Jun-19 23:50:42

Sorry turns out I was wrong. You can have a period without your fertility returning but it’s the start of it returning.

ReturnfromtheStars Mon 01-Jul-19 00:04:44

If you already had a period, that means your fertility has already returned, no need to stop for trying naturally smile

Amara123 Mon 01-Jul-19 21:04:52

Thanks folks! Just got my second period, looks like it's coming back on its own!

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ReturnfromtheStars Mon 01-Jul-19 22:11:23

Great news OP I have friends who even breastfed during a second pregnancy.

Amara123 Mon 01-Jul-19 23:20:34

A bit extra anxious because of my history but hoping I might have that extra fertility bounce that some people have after pregnancy. Love breastfeeding and feel it might help my hormones rebalance..

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