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15 month refusing all milk - has anyone else experienced this?

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glamourbadger Wed 25-Jul-07 16:22:56

Posted this in the weaning section but was probably the wrong place!

My DD has been on a prescribed formula - she is small and it helped bump up her calories. She is finally eating a good lunch and tea so our pediatrician has advised she should move on to cows milk or a follow on formula. I tried both but she tasted the milk, then threw the cup away in disgust!

It's been nearly two weeks and she has refused all milk - she now cries at the sight of a cup or bottle. Has anyone else experienced this? Milk seems so important for babies, it seems crazy she isn't having any.

Spidermama Wed 25-Jul-07 16:34:33

I've no direct experience but if calcium is your worry, there are other great ways to get it. Plenty of people are intolerant to milk and I don't think it's all it's cracked up to be.

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