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Formula problems since changing formula

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Kasc89 Fri 21-Jun-19 09:36:44

Hi all

I have a 6 week old baby who has been formula fed pretty much since birth we both had difficulty breastfeeding.

He has been on Aptamil first milk and seemed ok but only problem he was pooing every third day and a big amount.

I spoke to my doctor who said changing formula may help so I changed this week to hipp organic as heard it was more gently on tummy however since changing he has now been unsettled after each feed (which he was never like before) plus he is now constipated and had produced two small pellet like poos in last 24 hours. He was also sleeping well at night in Aptamil but is now waking up between feeds on Hipp.

Now I’m not sure whether to continue with Hipp or switch him back to Aptamil? Has anyone else been through similar? X

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missanony Fri 21-Jun-19 09:56:49

I’d go back to aptimil, if pooing every 3 days wasn’t causing discomfort. Is the poo pebbly or normal texture?

Viento Fri 21-Jun-19 22:01:53

Agree with missanony if the consistency of the poo was normal and did not cause discomfort I would stick to Aptamil.

Apparently they go through a stage around this age where they “test” their body and may go few days without pooing to check the bowels capacity. It sounds unbelievable and I was skeptical when I heard it but the same thing happened to my little boy around 6-8 weeks and to few my friends babies.

Just dont panic if switching back to Aptamil causes slight unsettlement to his digestion, it should go back to normal in few days! I would go back to Aptamil straight away without gradually replacing some hipp bottles with Aptamil

Hope it helps, take care

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