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what are your best bf-friendly tops/outfits?

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Tutter Wed 25-Jul-07 09:31:13

i know that last time, after a month or two, it didn't matter what i wore - i got v adept at nork-outage

but one week in and am feeling a bit clumsy - would like to get a few tops well suited to bfing out and about (and in front of embarrassable ILs)

any recommendations? either bf-specific (i do have a 'boob' top and love it) or just bf-friendly (e.g. vest top under shirt)

harpsichordcarrier Wed 25-Jul-07 09:35:24

hi tutter!
what I tend to wear is a vest top/cami with a shirt/cardi buttoned over, then pull up the vest top.
otherwise, you can use a muslin or shawl/pashmina.
if you want to go and feed in private, then just ask - at your ILs say can I go and use the spare room to feed? or whatever

fishie Wed 25-Jul-07 09:37:06

vest i love them and these are nice and long so won't ride up. any top you like over it, shirt tshirt cardie whatever. you can stick baby under top or open it but not show your midriff to the world. if you prefer to pull down top rather than shove baby up then cheapo pashmina thingies in many colours can be got in places like oxford street (i am wearing nice blue one £3 and a red vest too!)

harpsichordcarrier Wed 25-Jul-07 09:38:17

sorry I mean pull down the vest and up the shirt

hertsnessex Wed 25-Jul-07 09:40:14

ive found some breastfeeding wraps which i have bought for some clients as a post birth gift. sometimes just being in clothes you feel comfortable in is enough to give you the confidence to carry on bf'ing - especially in public where some find it scary.

TheBlonde Wed 25-Jul-07 09:40:20

In the early days I just wore a tshirt and then one of those bump bands
Worked well and they are only 5 quid in topshop

merrily Wed 25-Jul-07 09:41:09

my standard summer breastfeeding outfit was a vest (Muji do nice plain cotton ones) with short-sleeved cotton blouse over the top. I ended up with a wide selection of different colours and prints!

fishie Wed 25-Jul-07 09:42:12

ooh yes the right sort of wrap top is ideal - ie not needing to be wrapped too much, more a sort of crossover. excellent with vest too (wishes was on vest commission)

hertsnessex Wed 25-Jul-07 09:45:05

i dont know how to do links - but here are the ones i have bought.

p.s. i am sure you can get them other places aswell.

theUrbanDryad Wed 25-Jul-07 10:39:45

i quite enjoy wearing a strappy dress with a top over. i'm quite tall and a vest still leaves my horrible flabby tummy quite exposed! when it was hot (in the dim and distant past, when we had a summer) i wore a silky scarf and draped that artistically over my exposed boob. muslin works too. i've also noticed that people are wearing keffiyehs as fashion items - i've got one that works really well as a bf-ing scarf. when ds was little i used to use it like a sling too!

amidaiwish Wed 25-Jul-07 11:35:07

these vest tops are good as they unclip from the top here plus the lightweight wraps totally keep you covered!

Pannacotta Thu 26-Jul-07 22:58:00

Tutter, I've been mainly wearing tunic type tops to feed in, from Top Shop and H&M incl: &categoryId=74417&parentcategoryrn=42325&productId=416617&langId=-1
(slubby square neck top, £12 if that doesnt work, sorry still cant do links)
These are wide/full enough so you pull them up but still not expose a white, fleshy midriff to the world.
How are things? Hope you are doing ok post birth...

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