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Does such a nursing top exist? If not, should I make one??

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theUrbanDryad Tue 24-Jul-07 20:51:04

I want a vest, that has support like a bra, but not underwired, that opens in the front for nursing, with pockets in the cups for breast pads.

I think I saw something like it in the NCT catalogue - did I dream it or was it real?

liath Tue 24-Jul-07 20:52:23

JJMB do one.

Chirpygirl Tue 24-Jul-07 20:54:57

try here as well, I got some decent ones off ebay.

theUrbanDryad Tue 24-Jul-07 21:00:04

they're still in very vague sizes, small medium, large etc. i want a vest, with a bra in it, which i can order in a 34FF, iyswim.

daisyandbabybootoo Tue 24-Jul-07 21:03:41

Do you mean like the vest tops in Bravissimo, but with drop cups and no wires?

If so I'd buy one!

daisyandbabybootoo Tue 24-Jul-07 21:06:50


they don't appear to sell these on the UK site though.

daisyandbabybootoo Tue 24-Jul-07 21:08:49

oop just realised these only have a shelf in as well. Got giddy by the sizes shown!

Chirpygirl Tue 24-Jul-07 21:25:11

OOh, if you find one, let me know! The glamourmom top was not 'ample' enough for me!

theUrbanDryad Tue 24-Jul-07 21:26:10

think i may have to get designing. if such a thing were available, would you buy one?

theUrbanDryad Tue 24-Jul-07 21:26:49

i'm a funny shape (as dh has just kindly pointed out) cause i have a small back but mahoosive boobs!!

Chirpygirl Tue 24-Jul-07 21:58:56

I would! I got so hot and fed up last summer having to wear 2 layers all the time to shield the world from my flabby belly!

(I have no problem baring my boobs, they are lovely, but my stomach is another matter )

determination Tue 24-Jul-07 22:00:47

Here's one or or here or here!!

paolosgirl Tue 24-Jul-07 22:04:20

I've just bought one from Jojo Maman Bebe - they have a range of them

determination Tue 24-Jul-07 22:05:23

Woohoo look what i just found and they are very reasonably priced breastfeeding tops with side zippers

theUrbanDryad Wed 25-Jul-07 10:00:12

determination - those tops are lovely, and exactly what i was looking for, but they don't come in my size!!! bloody big boobs. i don't want to stop bf-ing, but it's doing my head in, not having the choice of clothes!

lancarra Thu 26-Jul-07 14:04:44

I have 2 of these in a large I am a 40 g and it fits ok.

internationalbeeboo Fri 27-Jul-07 13:12:52

i live in France & haven't come by much in the way of breastfeeding-friendly clothes, but I bought a couple of tops off the mamanana website which is now available in English...

determination Fri 27-Jul-07 13:32:28


look at this coat for pre pregnancy, pregnancy, and post pregnancy... I just love this coat. If only i had the finances.

determination Fri 27-Jul-07 13:34:11

lets try again

determination Fri 27-Jul-07 13:34:49™-c-2_41.html?osCsid=98fce9d6629433271a70e35 a391696fd

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